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There are several teachers at my school who will be registering to participate in the ACE Program. Our PE teacher and counselor have agreed to help us by teaching some lessons. Do the PE teacher and counselor have to be members of CAP and register to participate?

Whether or not the PE teacher and/or counselor register depends on their preference and how many lessons they intend to teach. If they intend to teach LESS than 5 total lessons, they CANNOT register to participate. If they will be teaching AT LEAST 5 lessons or more, they have the OPTION to register to participate if they are a current member of CAP, but they do not have to register. The benefit of registering is that they will be able to receive a personalized ACE educator plaque after completing the program. Another benefit is that they will receive aerospace education membership benefits after becoming a member of CAP. (There are many benefits to being a teacher member of CAP. Visit for more information.) If they register, they will be expected to complete a short online ACE evaluation form at the end of the program, just like the other teachers.

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