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What are the differences between the AEX Program and the ACE Program?

  • Age Groups
    • ACE is designed for students in grades K-6.
    • AEX is available for students in grades K-12.
  • Location:
    • ACE is designed for use during the school day, but can be conducted in summer or after-school programs.
    • AEX can be conducted at any location at any time, including aviation museums.
  • Program Materials
    • ACE: grade-specific teacher's guide, ACE teacher plaque, ACE student certificates, classroom set of an aerospace item
    • AEX: AEX activity books, AEX instructor plaque, AEX student certificates 
  • Lesson Sources
    • ACE: Lessons used to complete the ACE Program must come from the ACE teacher's guide for the specific grade level taught.
    • AEX: Lessons/activities used for the AEX Program may come from any or multiple sources.
  • # of Lessons/Activities Required for Program Completion:
    • ACE: Students must receive at least 10 ACE lessons.
    • AEX: Students/participants must receive at least 6 aerospace-related activities plus a two-hour aerospace activity (or 2 additional aerospace-related activities).

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