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Aerospace Education Excellence Program (AEX) For Teachers

The Civil Air Patrol offers a very popular free program to its members that involves engaging and interesting hands-on aviation and space-related STEM activities conducted in schools, youth organizations, community events, or museums.  It is called   “Aerospace Education EXcellence," or, simply AEX.

AEX participants receive numerous full-color books that feature standards-driven aerospace/STEM activities.  The requirements for full implementation are simple: complete six aerospace/STEM activities and one two-hour or longer field experience * (space day, rocket, hot air balloon, or airplane launches, trip to the airport or an aerospace museum, etc.).  Completion of the requirements earns a teacher certificate plus color certificates for all students involved.  The activities are designed to fit into any curriculum. Schools' state-approved curriculum may replace   or supplement the AEX activities created for this program. (Lesson plans for any supplemental activities need to be attached to final reporting form.)  AEX program activities should take place from Oct. 1 - Sept. 30 of each year.

*Culminating AEX activities can be as simple or as extravagant as the participants wish. For example, watch Wisconsin's Lombardi Middle School's high altitude balloon experiment. This school went "above and beyond" the two-hour minimum and their results were "out of sight!" View now.

All of the activities featured in AEX I (Volumes 1 and 2) (grades K-5) or AEX II (Volumes 1 and 2) (grades 6-12), as well as new AEX books:  Middle School Physical Science; Middle School Earth Science; Model and Remote Controlled Aircraft; Astronomy; Advanced Math; Robotics; and more are very “instructor-friendly” and involve readily available, low-cost materials. See all of CAP's excellent variety of aerospace/STEM materials. View now.

Steps to participate in the AEX Program:

  • Make sure CAP membership is current.  If you are not a member, but wish to join as an educator member, click "Join as AEM" for membership information.  If your membership needs to be renewed, AE members should contact  (If membership is as a regular CAP uniformed member, renewal information is found from membershipservices. com)
  • Register to participate by completing the AEX registration online at CAP's eServices.  Registration is required for each year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) you choose to participate.  If you have never used eServices before, you will need to set up a free eServices account.  Click "first time users click here" when you get to the eServices login page, and follow the instructions provided. 
  • Once you are in eServices, click "AEX" in the right column heading titled "My Favorites."  Then, click "Apply for AEX," which is located in the left column
  • Teach 6 aerospace/STEM-related activities.  You may select activities from the AEX books provided to you by CAP, or you may use your own lessons.  In addition to teaching 6 aerospace/STEM-related activities, engage students in a special 2-hour aerospace/STEM activity such as making and launching rockets, going on an aerospace-related field trip to the airport or an aerospace museum, or presenting other aerospace-oriented activities that total 2 hours or more.  (You may teach an additional two lessons to meet the 2-hour activity requirement, if that works for you.)
  • When you are ready to enter your AEX activities, go to eServices at and click "AEX." Then, click "AEX Award Report." You may enter the AEX activities as each one is finished, or you may wait until all activities are completed. This must be done no later than Sept. 30 for the past year. You should submit your completion report at least 3 weeks prior to the date you plan on distributing student certificates!
  • You should receive your AEX certificates within 3 weeks of submitting your award report.  In the event you do not receive your awards within 3 weeks of submitting your report, please send an email to  

*** In the event that you do not fully complete the requirements for successful completion of the AEX Program, no notification is necessary.  Simply register again during the next school year, and try again!  

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