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Grants for CAP Units and Educator Members

CAP does not have a grant program for units and/or educator members at this time, but would like to share two vetted organizational grant programs:                                                                                                          

The Air & Space Forces Association (AFA)

  • For CAP Units: CAP's partner in aerospace/STEM education, works to support CAP units with $250 unit grants two times a year: December and June cycles.  Find out more HERE.

  • For Educators: AFA tries to assist K-12th grade educators initiate and perpetuate aerospace/STEM projects/programs with an annual $500 competitive grant program.  The application dates are from September 1st - December 15th each year. Grant recipients are announced in February.  Find info HERE. 

Find an AFA chapter to assist in the classroom and help with a nomination for the AFA Teacher of the Year program (at the chapter level, which comes with a $250 award; at the state level, which comes with a $500 award; and at the national level, which comes with a $3,000, $2,000, or $1,000 award).

For educators and units:


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has an AIAA Foundation Classroom Grant Program for K-12 educators who are free AIAA educator members. The application dates are from to October 15th - January 11th each year.  Grant recipients are announced each February. Find info HERE.

The AIAA also has educator awards, so check these out HERE.


Although CAP does not endorse any other sites, the following may help locate other grants. Personal discernment is mandatory before opening any unknown site:






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