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Specialty Track

CAP Senior Members who have completed Level I Training may enroll in the Aerospace Education Specialty Track.

CAP Specialty Tracks are an integral part of Civil Air Patrol's Professional Development program. They provide a standard knowledge base for all CAP members at all levels. This consistent foundation ensures the quality of training available through all CAP units nationwide. This, in turn, allows members to perform the CAP missions required by the US Air Force. Members enroll at the level of NONE and progress through knowledge and service requirements to TECHNICIAN, SENIOR and MASTER ratings in their specialty tracks.

The Aerospace Education (AE) specialty track is designed to prepare CAP members for the responsibilities of becoming Aerospace Education Officers at all levels of the organization, to include squadrons, groups, wings, and regions. Pamphlets and processes associated with this Specialty Track provide training that will enhance the candidate’s performance in fulfilling CAP's Aerospace Education Mission, both internally and externally.

Members who faithfully work the requirements of the Aerospace Education Specialty Track earn recognition for this service to unit and community as shown in the graphic below. For more information go to CAPP 50-2.

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