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Civil Air Patrol’s Project STARBASE Ready for Lift-off

The Civil Air Patrol, as the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, is proud to continue the collaborative partnership initiated in spring 2010 with DoD STARBASE Academies across the nation.  The missions of both the Civil Air Patrol and DoD STARBASE include the need to educate young people about the importance of aerospace, both now and in the future.  Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives are paramount in fulfilling this mission, and both organizations provide a multitude of STEM opportunities for young people.  CAP and STARBASE agree: producing ethical and technologically-prepared future citizens is of prime importance in maintaining global competitiveness and national security; early educational intervention being key to future goal setting for our youth. Both organizations also agree that working with other like-minded organizations can propel individual efforts in limitless directions.

CAP uses aerospace education to excite and engage young people while helping to prepare productive, ethical and responsible citizens to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

In an effort to address America's need to promote character development and STEM career options at an early age, CAP has developed a variety of aerospace products and programs that embed good character and drug-free messages to share with both the CAP cadets, ages 12-20, and K-12 students across our country.

In this vein, CAP’s Drug Demand Reduction and Aerospace Education Programs will provide each STARBASE Academy class sets of the “AeroProp” and associated drug-free message embedded lesson plan to share with each teacher and student attending each academy.  The AE/Drug-free lesson can be integrated during academy time or the classroom teacher can conduct the lesson back at the school. 

To help DoD STARBASE Academies perpetuate their efforts when teachers and students return to their home schools, CAP would also like to offer other unique opportunities for their participating teachers:


  1. Complimentary CAP Aerospace Education Membership for any teacher or school administrator who would like more AE products and programs to continue integrating AE within the core curriculum.

  2. Participation in CAP’s array of programs for grades K-12.

  3. CAP members to talk to and/or provide classroom assistance.

Instructions for STARBASE Academy Directors or Staff
Instructions for Teachers/Administrators Working With STARBASE Academies

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