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Application Process

Eligible Applicants for the free CAP STEM Kit Program:

  1. CAP Unit Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs), with approval of the same unit-level commander. The application is automatically sent to the Wing Commander for approval before being forwarded to CAP National Headquarters.
  2. CAP educator members, whether Aerospace Education Members (AEMs) or Senior Members who are classroom educators or educational leaders in museums and/or youth organizations, to include AFJROTC instructors- with approval of school or youth organization leader or supervisor

NOTICE: Each applicant will need to acquire the approval of, and contact information for, the unit commander or educational supervisor to apply for a STEM Kit. The commander or supervisor may be contacted by the CAP STEM Education office to confirm approval.

In an effort to perpetuate an interest in STEM subjects and careers, CAP’s Aerospace Education program provides numerous STEM products and programs for CAP’s almost 2,400 cadet squadron AEOs and over 3,300 educator members to infuse in youth development programs nationwide.

CAP’s adult members are composed of many STEM professionals who have an interest in promoting STEM careers through their volunteer service in mentoring CAP cadets and students in their communities nationwide. Educator members of CAP integrate STEM throughout their educational programs to provide rigor and relevance to the core curricula.  As a result of the CAP STEM Kit program, CAP’s adult members will help mentor youth to acquire and sustain a natural interest in STEM.

For more information, contact

How to Apply

  1.  Log into eServices using your CAP ID# and password. Go now.
  2.  Go to Aerospace Education on the left side of the screen and highlight; then go to CAP STEM Kit in the middle of the screen and click.
  3.  Go to Modules on the left side of the screen and click Application.
  4.  Fill out the two pages of the STEM Kit Application and click Submit.

You will receive an automated e-mail from NHQ confirming that your application was received. If your application is approved, you will receive e-mail notification. That will be followed by a mailing of curriculum materials from headquarters and the actual STEM Kit materials, which come from our vendors.

Please be sure to spend at least 6 hours with your kit and submit the Evaluation.

Then we hope you apply for your next STEM Kit!





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