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Available Kits For Selection

Astronomy TelescopeAstronomy

Bee-Bot STEM Kit


Flight Simulator STEM KitFlight Simulator

Hydraulic Engineering STEM KitHydraulic Engineering

Quadcopter STEM KitQuadcopter

Raspberry Pi


Remote-Controlled (RC) Aircraft

Renewable energy stem kits

Renewable Energy

Robotic Arm Robotics

Rocketry STEM Kit


Snaptricity STEM KitSnaptricity

Sphero STEM Kit





Weather Station










Applicants Can Select One STEM Kit at a Time from CAP STEM Kits

In accordance with annual STEM project grant requests from CAP units and educator members, and in collaboration with CAP subject matter experts, the CAP AE program office has identified 14 STEM Kits offered for this program.

The  kits come at no cost to recipients, are designed to enhance current CAP educational curriculum and programs and will be ready-made for immediate implementation. CAP Unit AE Officers (or commanders), as well as CAP members who are educators, including AFJROTC instructors, can select one kit from the options that are described below.

After you use the kit for at least six hours and complete an online evaluation, another kit can be ordered. STEM Kit components will be adjusted, as appropriate, to accommodate group size. NOTE: Kits are designed as introductory programs with the intention that the recipients connect with subject matter experts, as noted with each kit description, for further assistance, instruction, and guidance.

If you are a teacher or informal educator (such as Scouts or youth groups), you may join Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member and receive these free kits, too. LEARN MORE.

Safety precautions should be practiced at all times with all CAP materials and programs.

Coming Soon: Changes to your Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education STEM Kit Program




































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