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Flight Simulator STEM Kit

Flight Simulator

Recommended ages: middle school and older

The kit includes Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid book and accompanying flight simulation CD, yoke and rudder pedals. We have updated the software component of the kit to include Microsoft Flight Simulator X STEAM Edition, a downloadable product code (no disc required). Teachers should note this is a gaming website, which may be blocked from some schools' usage. Please check with your local IT department for usability with each system's permissions. The flight simulator book has many activities to help learners use flight planning aeronautical charts and other lessons to extend the experiential portion of the flight simulator program.  The hands-on approach is designed to spark an interest in flying, especially for CAP cadets, ages 12 and above, who are given opportunities for orientation flights and flight training in CAP. Due to the experience of CAP adult mentorship, a variety of aviation careers will be explored through this project. The Flight Simulator activity book can be supplemented with CAP's many AEX aviation activities, as well as any activities found and/or developed by the instructor. NOTE: Computers are not included in this kit. Computers need to be equipped with gaming/graphic software and internet capabilities to utilize this kit. The software is a Microsoft product. For information on how to use this product on a Mac, please click here for the STEAM Mac discussion board.

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