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Quadcopter STEM Kit


Recommended ages:12 and older

Use the Revolution Vizo XL to teach beginners the joy of flying.  While cadets and students are learning to navigate the skies, they also will become skilled in teamwork activities, eye-hand coordination, motor skills and a variety of disciplines in and out of the classroom.  Cadets and students can even experiment with simple modifications of the quadcopter to allow for drone racing and obstacle courses.  This kit is an extension of the Model and Remote-Control STEM Kit; therefore applicants are encouraged to work with local AMA Clubs for additional guidance with the kit.  Included with the quadcopter will be a CAP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Activity Booklet, remote control transmitter, an extra battery and a battery charger.
Take advantage of the local Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and work with area AMA clubs for mentorship in learning to fly real remote-controlled airplanes in TAG (Take-off and Grow) programs.
Make sure to read the enclosed manual about handling the batteries safely.
AEMs and Air Force JROTC will need to register their Quadcopter with the FAA before flying.  After you receive your kit, click on the following link to take you directly to the FAA Online Recreational Registration:


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