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Available Kits For Selection

The CAP AE program office has identified a variety of STEM Kits offered for this program.  Beginning September 1, 2019, these kits have been grouped into three core areas:

The offerings may change according to demand, and kit availability may differ during the year. See current list of STEM Kits and descriptions HERE

Most CAP STEM Kits are available to all AEOs and AEMs.  There are a select few that will only be available to our AEOs. If you are an AEM, and you and your students are interested in STEM Kits that are only available to our AEOs, visit or join your local CAP squadron to learn more. 

To learn more about the STEM Kits that CAP offers, click on the specific kit in the left navigation menu or on the kit name on this page, and read a brief description of the kit including its components, age requirements and additional equipment needed for the kit.  All documents and links necessary to complete each STEM Kit can be found in Learning Management Systems (LMS) on eServices at this link.  

The kits come at no cost to recipients, are designed to enhance current CAP educational curriculum and programs and will be ready-made for immediate implementation. CAP Unit AE Officers (or commanders), as well as CAP members who are educators, including AFJROTC instructors, can select one kit from the options that are described below.

To apply for a STEM Kit, log into eServices using your CAPID# and password.  Click on Aerospace Education and then CAP STEM Kit.  When you are on the CAP STEM Kit page, click on Apply for STEM kit at the top of the page.  Fill out the application completely and Submit.

After you use the kit for at least six hours and complete an online evaluation, you may apply for another kit. NOTE: Kits are designed as introductory programs with the intention that the recipients connect with subject matter experts -- as noted with each kit description, for further assistance -- instruction, and guidance.

If you are a teacher or informal educator (such as Scouts or youth groups), you may join Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member and apply for these free kits, too. LEARN MORE.

Safety precautions should be practiced at all times with all CAP materials and programs.




Bridge Building

Build & Learn Geometry


Cross Country Navigation kit contents including books

Cross Country Navigation

Flight Simulator STEM Kit

Flight Simulator

Quadcopter photo

Indoor Quadcopter

FAA requires TRUST certification for all operators


Quadcopter photo

Outdoor Quadcopter

FAA requires TRUST certification for all operators

Remote-Controlled Aircraft

FAA requires TRUST certification for all operators

Snaptricity STEM Kit


Picture of VTOL


(for squadrons only)

(unavailable from the vendor at this time)

FAA requires TRUST certification for all operators



Hydraulic engineering kit

Hydraulic Engineering

Mechanics STEM Kit constructed


Renewable energy stem kits

Renewable Energy

Robotic Arm

Robotics Workshop

Rocketry STEM Kit


Renewable energy stem kits

Weather Station



Bee Bot





BeeBot/Code & Go Mouse

Let's Go Code box featuring young students walking on mat to learn coding

Let's Go Code

Raspberry Pi

(unavailable from the vendor at this time)

photo of the 30 days lost in Space kit

30 Days Lost in Space


contents of Sphero Bolt Kit

Sphero BOLT & Sphero Code Mat 




















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