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30 Days Lost in Space

30 Days Lost in Space

Ages 12 and older

The 30 Days Lost in Space STEM Kit is an electronics kit that teaches all the basics of programming, wiring and more using the Arduino IDE and the components inside the kit. The story takes place on a foreign planet, where your spaceship has crash-landed at the bottom of the ocean. Your goal is to fix your spaceship and make it home successfully by learning the necessary programming/wiring skills you need to do so. NOTE:  Not included, but needed for this kit, is a laptop or computer to program the HERO board and an internet connection to access the challenge.

Cyber Connection: Youth will learn to code and wire during the lessons to make minor repairs to the shuttle from fixing the destroyed control panel to getting home safely.  After mastering these skills, youth will be able to use previously gained wisdom to explore new avenues in the cyber world. Through engagement with this kit, it is hoped that youth will have a desire to be involved in cyber competitions, such as the Air Force Association's national youth cyber education program, CyberPatriot, and, build an interest in potential cyber careers.   

Approved applicants can expect to receive one 30 Days Lost in Space STEM Kit.


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