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AngLegs STEM Kit


Ages 8 and older

Cadets and students will learn how to classify shapes and angles using the AngLegs STEM Kit. This collection comes with six sets of AngLegs, two snap-on protractors, a set of activity cards, and a plastic tote. Cadets and students will become familiar with angles and move toward an exploration of angles, measurements, and figures while classifying these shapes. Each kit will have enough materials provided for a traditionally-sized class or group of youth (approx. 25).

Aviation Connection: Youth involved with the AngLegs kit and associated lessons will be introduced to flight dynamics, to include the three-dimensional angles of rotation about the center of gravity, known as pitch, roll, and yaw.  Different angles created from this kit can be used to demonstrate angles of attack for airplane functionality. Cadets and students will get hands-on experience with calculating angles and degrees, which will aid in planning aircraft destinations or measuring the trajectory of an aircraft. 

Approved applicants can expect to receive one AngLegs STEM Kit.


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