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Bridge Building

Bridge Building

Ages 9 and older

The Bridge Building pack contains enough materials for 24 cadets/students to build and test their very own bridges. While working on this kit, cadets/students will be challenged to design structurally sound bridges while using problem solving skills to implement changes in their design. Cadets/students will study the properties of physics and its place in structural engineering.

This kit comes with 360 pieces of Basswood, 24 bottles of glue, 24 sets of instructions and a Teacher’s guide -- Teaching with Model Bridge Building Programs.  A DVD also will be included that follows a class throughout the bridge-building process. This kit is perfect for young architects and engineers to design the bridges of the future.

Aviation connectionUsing the included materials, youth will develop innovative bridges that can connect airplanes to terminals allowing passengers to deplane quickly from the aircraft. Students will use scientific and mathematical formulas, engineering principles and unique designs that can structurally hold weight and withstand natural elements on Earth as well as other planets and even the Moon!

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two Bridge Building STEM Kits.

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