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Build & Learn Geometry STEM Kit

Build & Learn Geometry

Ages 7 and older

The Build & Learn Geometry STEM Kit is perfect for cadets and students to practice identifying shapes, solving area and perimeter equations, and finding the volume of geometric figures.  The complete Build & Learn Geometry set includes a total of 52 activity cards and over 600 pieces for cadets and students to use to build geometric figures from every angle.  There will be three sets included in the kit: Geometry; Volume; and Area & Perimeter.  This kit aids cadets and students in visualizing, building, and manipulating geometric figures -- deepening their understanding of geometry every step of the way! 

Aviation Connection:  Using the hands-on manipulatives and associated activity cards, youth will use geometric formulas to determine the best way to design and build frames, walls, and features that meet engineering specifications in designing aircraft, and, structures, such as airports/spaceports. Cadets and students can use the 3-D geometrical figures to determine the angles of attack involved in an airplane’s flight path, as well as changes in altitude and/or speed or direction to prevent in-air collisions.

 Approved applicants can expect to receive one Build & Learn Geometry STEM Kit.


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