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Flight Simulator STEM Kit (not available from the manufacturer at this time)

Flight Simulator

Ages 12 and older

The Flight Simulator STEM Kit includes yoke, rudder pedals and software. The software component of the kit includes XPlane 11 with a downloadable product code (no disc required). Applicants will need to have access to internet services in order to run the software.  NOTE: Computers are not included in this kit. Computers need to be equipped with gaming/graphic software to utilize this kit. Microsoft Windows operating system is required to run this program. For additional information about system requirements, click HERE.  

Aviation Connection: The hands-on approach of the flight simulator is designed to spark an interest in aviation, especially for CAP cadets, ages 12 and above, who are given opportunities for orientation flights and flight training in CAP, especially in CAP's Youth Aviation Initiative. Due to the experience of CAP adult mentorship, a variety of flight planning options, as well as aviation careers, can be explored during participation with this kit. 

For students in classrooms and youth organizations studying aviation education, these flight simulators should provide a realistic piloting experience as the youth begin their own flight training or aviation-related programs. (This is especially pertinent to AFJROTC cadets, and those in the AFJROTC Flight AcademyIt is also pertinent to AOPA You Can Fly educators and students, as well as other aviation programs.)  Educators should reach out to local pilots to assist in the flight simulator training and help mentor these youth. Although educators may have their own pilot connections, Civil Air Patrol pilots are an excellent resource, as noted above. So, to locate the closest CAP squadron(s), enter your ZIP code in the "find your local squadron" section of the CAP homepage HERE.  Then, reach out to the squadron point of contact and request any pilot assistance in the implementation of the Flight Simulator Kit.  Inviting some CAP cadets to come and speak to the youth about the benefits of being a CAP cadet would enhance the overall program experience.  

Approved applicants can expect to receive one Flight Simulator STEM Kit.

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