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Kano STEM Kit


Ages 6 and older

With the Kano STEM Kit, cadets and students can build their own computer with an easy, step-by-step instruction book and learn how every part works along the way.  Cadets and students will not only build a computer, they will also learn how to code through involvement with over 100 games, challenges, and stories.  Through simple steps, youth will type code, drag blocks, and learn Python, JavaScript and Terminal commands.  The kit will include a step-by-step book, Raspberry Pi 3, programmable LED lights, DIY case, power button, wireless keyboard with track pad, memory, HDMI and power cords, stickers, Kano's unique operating system, 100+ coding challenges, and 100-plus apps. NOT included: The only thing the kit doesn't include is a screen, meaning you'll need to get one that accepts an HDMI cable.  Or, if you have a monitor that doesn't accept HDMI, grab an adaptor; it'll help.

Cyber Connection: This is a great kit for beginners to start their coding journey, but is also expansive for those who are already experts!  This computer for 21st Century learning will allow youth to code and create while also taking the process to higher levels of interaction and application. Youth will be totally involved in their own software development, helping to prepare their minds for the future. With the safe Kano World online community, budding cyber experts are only a few clicks away.

Approved applicants can expect to receive one Kano STEM Kit.

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