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Mechanics STEM Kit


Ages 8 and older

Engino' s Mechanics Cams & Cranks set teaches cadets and students how to transmit power using cams and cranks and how they can be used to convert reciprocal to linear motion. Discover how these mechanisms are crucial elements of many machines even though they are not considered as "simple machines." Cadets and students can build 8 working models such as a fishing crane, an oil pump, a moving figure, a moving bridge, a sewing machine and a flying eagle. Easy-to-follow building instructions for all models can be found either online or in the included booklet. The booklet provides detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied and incorporates innovative experimental activities for hands-on learning. A quiz section is also available to challenge your newly acquired knowledge! Conduct thorough experiments and discover how the handle's position affects force and speed; how the crank's position affects force and speed; and how to switch between different types of motion by using cams.  

Space Connection: Youth can explore careers in mechanical engineering to include manufacturing, design, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Having youth explore the unique uses of mechanics in space can also enhance this kit's potential.  

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two STEM Mechanics: Cams & Cranks STEM Kits. 
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