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Remote-Controlled (RC) Aircraft (not available from the manufacturer at this time)


Remote-Controlled (RC) Aircraft

FAA requires TRUST certification for all operators. Read how to get certification HERE.

Ages 12 and older

Sky Streak airplanes will be included in this kit for very beginning building and flying of model aircraft. This simple model building and experimentation with flying will lead to learning to fly remote-controlled aircraft via a Real Flight Simulator computer program, a hand-held controller, two Skystreak balsa planes and a Mini Apprentice, the remote-controlled aircraft  -- all of which are included in this kit. This program complements the CAP AEX Model Aircraft and Remote-Controlled (MARC) modules developed by a CAP volunteer. The MARC I and II modules are available online in the AE Downloads and Resources section of the CAP member portal, eServices.

This kit is intended to take advantage of the added bonus of the opportunity for youth to work with area Academy of Model  Aeronautics clubs for mentorship in learning to fly real remote-controlled airplanes, especially in TAG (Take-off and Grow) programs. Before ordering the kit, please read computer compatibility requirements for the RealFlight Simulator.


1. This kit provides the R/C computer simulated program and controller. It is intended that recipients contact a local AMA chapter to assist in real R/C flight experiences and instruction. These experienced R/C pilots will bring this program to an exciting level with expert instruction on the program. AMA and CAP members can be excellent mentors for general, commercial, and military aviation and remotely-piloted aircraft career exploration. Then, after the training portion is completed, cadets will be ready to try to fly the Mini Apprentice R/C airplane that will also be provided in this kit.
2. Click HERE for CAP Lt Col Ted Spitzmiller's revised AeroLab guide book he created for anyone's use. He is a very experienced CAP pilot from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
3. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES: Follow all directions in the Mini Apprentice airplane package for building the plane--- AND, for charging the battery (lithium polymer batteries can cause fires if charged incorrectly, i.e. too rapidly). Also, follow the manufacturer's instructions in the Tactic controller's binding process to avoid injury. (One user stated that completing the binding process with the motor control set to the minimum position works best to avoid having the transmitter inadvertently switch off while the receiver is powered, which could cause injury.) Important take-away? Connect with an experienced AMA member to assist in learning how to build, charge, and fly the Mini Apprentice. Once it crashes, it may not be repairable. R/C flying is not as easy as it appears! ENJOY!

Aviation Connection: Everything a young potential enthusiast will need to determine if a career in general aviation or either manned or unmanned aerial vehicles/systems will be provided in this kit.  This kit is designed to promote a beginning interest in aviation and/or remotely-piloted aircraft vocations (careers) and avocations (hobbies). Cadets can train to fly this remote-controlled aircraft with the model airplanes and the computer simulator.  When flying the actual RC plane, they can learn more about the dynamics and forces of flight.  Having youth suggest various jobs this RC plane could do to benefit mankind will allow further exploration of potential unmanned aerial vehicle/systems careers.

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