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Raspberry Pi (unavailable from the vendor at this time)

Raspberry Pi

Ages 12 and older

Raspberry Pi is a single-board micro-computer that promotes the teaching of basic computer science. This tiny, affordable computer can be used to learn programming through fun, practical projects.  The Raspberry Pi STEM Kit has several add-ons to provide cadets with a variety of approaches to learn about programming and coding on a computer. The following are included in the Raspberry Pi kit: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit; Real Time Clock Breakout Board Kit; Adafruit Blue & White LCD; keypad for kit; and Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout, Version 3.  NOTE:  Not included, but needed for this kit, is a high-definition television or monitor with an available HDMI input, HDMI cable, USB keyboard, and USB mouse. (If you have a monitor that doesn't accept HDMI, grab an adapter; it'll help.)

Cyber Connection: Cadets will use introductory lessons to begin the process of cultivating their knowledge about computer science as they learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.  After mastering these skills, cadets will be able to use previously gained wisdom to explore new avenues in the cyber world. Through engagement with this kit, it is hoped that cadets will have a desire to be involved in cyber competitions, such as the Air Force Association's national youth cyber education program, CyberPatriot, and, build an interest in potential cyber careers.

Approved applicants should expect to receive one Raspberry Pi STEM Kit.



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