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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Ages 10 and older

The Renewable Energy STEM Kit will bring a hands-on approach to the understanding of solar, hydro and wind energy. Cadets and students will investigate concepts by constructing working models out of the parts included in this kit. Using the pieces, cadets and students will be able to demonstrate force, motion, work, and power. This kit allows participants to work cooperatively while building, problem-solving, discussing, designing, and evaluating energy sources. Included with this kit are Assembly Instructions that will assist in the planning and implementation of this product.

Space Connection: When this kit is used on earth, the typical aspects of wind, solar, and hydro power can be anticipated. But, when one puts the space environment into the equation, this kit takes on a whole new realm of possibilities.  An example could be examining wind-powered Mars vehicles. Want to determine how this kit may potentially work on Mars?  Click on a sample research article found HERE. Looking at how solar panels are used in space to maintain satellites and power on the ISS is a very relevant aspect of the solar energy concept.  Thus, renewable energy concepts built with this kit will enhance knowledge that can lead to possible career interests in engineering, technology and/or science--- especially in the space environment where renewable energy will be paramount.  

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two Renewable Energy STEM Kits.

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