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Robotics STEM Kit


Ages 11 and older

Getting started with the Robotics STEM Kit will intrigue and engage cadets, students, and adults in an exciting manner with endless possibilities for extension. This kit will have a robotic arm kit, USB programmable software, curriculum, and instructional video. The program will complement CAP's Robotics curriculum, which can be found in the AE Downloads and Resources section of CAP's member portal, eServices. Tapping the expertise of CAP's robotics experts, or others in the area, will help guide youth toward exciting career possibilities -- AND -- provide some assistance and guidance in building and using this robotic arm. Many youth have found very creative ways to use the robotic arm, as any cadets or students will most probably do when experimenting with this kit. This beginning project can lead to involvement in national competitions such as FIRST, BEST, Botball, VEX, National Underwater Robotics and others.

Space Connection: Youth can explore careers in robotics to include manufacturing, unmanned space exploration, prosthetic engineering, and other medical applications.  Having youth explore the unique uses of robotics in space can enhance this kit's potential. Check out Robotics in Space: Past, Present, and Future HERE.  

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two Robotics STEM Kits.

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