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Rocketry STEM Kit


Ages 10 and older

The Rocketry STEM Kit provides "beginning" Alpha III rockets (with plastic form-fitted fins -- there is no fin development and/or measurement involved in this rocket, so other more difficult rockets should be sought for expanded math and engineering involvement); A8-3 motors -- two for each rocket; launch pad; controller; curriculum; and instructional video to initiate this invigorating program. Beginning with foam or bottle rockets is great, but getting to launch engine-propelled rockets will give just about any young person (and adult) a thrill to investigate repeated rocket experiments. Of course, the desire to build bigger, multi-stage rockets will naturally follow! This kit is intended to supplement the Model Rocketry curriculum, as well as the Advanced Model Rocketry curriculum  found online in the AE Downloads and Resources section of CAP's member portal, eServices. The kit materials will fulfill CAP's Cadet Program's Titan (Stage Two) requirements in the Model Rocketry book.  

SAFETY Precautions:  It is paramount that safety guides are used when building and launching rockets. Please reference the National Association of Rocketry's Model Rocket Safety Code found HERE. Use of safety goggles when launching should be mandatory.

Space Connection:  Rocketry has long been the transportation pathway into space. The use of rocket propulsion when in space is paramount for movement in micro-gravity environments.  Learning about the uses of rocketry for space travel and exploration will enhance the use of this kit with youth. This program can ignite an interest in national competition in the Team America Rocketry Challenge and lead young people to explore varying careers in aerospace engineering for the future. Experienced rocketry enthusiasts in CAP can lead students to safe explorations of mechanical and chemical engineering careers. 

Approved applicants can expect to receive at least one Rocketry STEM Kit.

To see a sample lesson, click here. To find more STEM Kit lessons, please visit CAP's Learning Management System.

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