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Snaptricity STEM Kit


Ages 10 and older

With the Snap Circuits Snaptricity STEM Kit, cadets and students use hands-on activities to explore how electricity and magnetism is used in daily items. Using the kit, learners can   demonstrate the workings of magnetic fields, electricity, parallel circuits, and switches. Snaptricity includes a motor, lamps, switches, fan compass, and electrodes in conjunction with over 40 parts. The kit can be used to build over 75 different projects that are covered in an enclosed curriculum guide.

Aviation Connection:  Using this kit can spark an interest in becoming an electrician, engineer, and/or scientist. But, the connection to aviation is powerfully strong when looking at the avionics (or electronic systems) of an airplane. This use is also very evident in satellites and spacecraft.  All types of communications systems in aviation and space include the integration of avionic systems.  Thus, looking at a career in avionics brings myriad career options for youth to explore as noted HERE.

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two Snaptricity STEM Kits.


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