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Sphero indi STEM Kit

Sphero indi

Ages 4 and older

Ignite computational thinking with the Sphero indi STEM Kit. Cadets and students are introduced to early computer science principles using open-ended learning. The indi robot offers screenless programming using color sensor cards that cadets and students can use to build mazes and solve puzzles. This kit is versatile and adaptable, promoting collaborative learning and teamwork.

Cyber Connection: This robot will help young cadets and students apply skills, such as sequencing, estimation, control and problem-solving, as they begin a path to early cyber knowledge. Learning directional language and algorithms sets the stage for involvement in cyber competitions, such as the Air Force Association's national youth cyber education program, CyberPatriot, and interest in potential cyber careers in coding, programming, or computer engineering.

Approved applicants can expect to receive one or two Sphero indi STEM Kits.
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