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Weather Station STEM Kit

Weather Station

Ages 8 and older

With the Acu-Rite Professional Weather Station STEM Kit, learners can measure rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed, and more. The station also includes programmable weather alarms. Users will need to download the FREE My Backyard Weather Software & App to utilize the weather station to its fullest potential. Self-calibrating forecasting provides personal forecasting of weather conditions for 12 to 24 hours by collecting data from the sensor at your facility. This kit comes with Rainfall Collector Funnel/accessories, display unit, USB cable, power adapter, instruction manual, and mounting hardware.  Batteries for the Rainfall Collector Funnel and display unit are not included. Before ordering, please review the compatibility requirements for the weather station. Read more.

Space Connection: Weather on Earth is connected to space weather occurring in the ionosphere, just as forces and objects in space affect weather on Earth. By using this weather station, it is hoped that expanded research is conducted to determine the aspects of meteorology, a branch of atmospheric science.  Learning to use the data retrieved from the weather station may help youth build a interest in a career in meteorology or other atmospheric studies.  Using the weather station can also help determine  wind speed and direction that will aid in launching model rockets and hot air balloons, as well as help in flight planning for an upcoming flight.  

Approved applicants can expect to receive one Weather Station Kit.


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