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Background & Potential Impact

Civil Air Patrol is honored to be designated as a recipient of National Defense Education Program (NDEP) funds to initiate a nationwide CAP science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education program that began January 25, 2013. Managed by the U.S. Air Force STEM Outreach Coordination Office (AFSOCO) in Washington, D.C., the funds are distributed on a yearly basis to organizations that create programs to build interest in STEM education and careers; an effort that is paramount in maintaining America’s future defense and economic strength in a globally competitive environment. The NDEP funds are intended to help develop the next generation STEM workforce, especially for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Air Force (USAF).

As the Auxiliary of the USAF, CAP was a natural fit to receive funds to promote a nationwide STEM program.

CAP was selected as a recipient of NDEP funds by the AFSOCO due to CAP's:

Potential CAP STEM Kit Program Customer Outreach and Youth Impact:

There are about 4,000 potential outreach customers that include 1,100 CAP cadet/composite squadrons, 867 AFJROTC Detachments, and 2,200 CAP educator members. Total youth impact can be upwards of 450,000 that includes over 26,000 CAP cadets, about 120,000 AFJROTC cadets, and about 220,000 youth in classrooms, museums, and youth organizations nationwide.

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