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Evaluation Process

STEM Kit Program Evaluation Process

After completing at least six hours of STEM Kit instruction and implementation, please do the following:

  1. Print STEM Kit certificates for each participant.  Click for fillable STEM Kit Certificates
  2. Survey the youth involved in the program to determine level of interest in associated STEM careers.
  3. Click for STEM Kit Evaluation Link on eServices, the same location where you submitted your CAP STEM Kit application. (Go to the Aerospace Education link - and then the CAP STEM Kit link-  on the left side of eServices menu.)
  4. Include in your online evaluation, one or more digital photos of youth involved in the STEM Kit program (only include photos of youth with permission to have photos used by CAP for STEM program promotion) to Submission of photos assures CAP that there is permission to use such photos in any STEM program promotions



If interested, submit another STEM Kit application after the completion of the evaluation in the same eServices link.  Additional STEM Kits will be considered for distribution to applicants until funds are depleted.

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