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STEM Kit Program Process

  1. CAP members can submit online applications for one CAP STEM Kit at a time via eServices.  (Go to eServices and follow directions if you are a first time user.)  When in eServices, go to Aerospace Education and find the CAP STEM Kit link to submit an application. Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail that the application was submitted and is awaiting approval, which usually occurs within one month.

Applications with a thorough, quality, and definitive project plan will have first priority.

CAP units and CAP educator members, to include AFJROTC Detachments, are encouraged to partner with other units, classrooms, or organizations to bring maximum exposure of the STEM Kit educational value. Collaborative examples: 

  • Connect upper and lower grade levels in schools for implementation and mentoring.
  • Connect CAP cadet squadrons with community youth groups and/or schools.
  • Connect with a community event for educational demonstration as an outreach program.
  • Partner with an aviation and/or space museum to conduct demonstrations.
  • Connect with the organization associated with each kit, as noted in confirmation e-mails sent to recipients.
  1. Applications from CAP units are first automatically submitted for approval to the unit's Wing Commander before being forwarded to CAP National Headquarters. AEM applications go directly to National Headquarters for approval by a CAP selection committee.
  2. The STEM Kit committee will meet at the beginning of each month to review applications from the previous month. 
  3. After the STEM Kit committee meeting, the CAP STEM Education office will send an email to applicants to notify them of their acceptance and of the estimated STEM Kit shipping date from the vendor.
  4. The CAP STEM Education office will send recipients associated STEM Kit instructional materials.
  5. An online Learning Community is now available where all items associated with each STEM Kit can be found.  This includes the welcome letter, curriculum, tip sheets, certificate links, pre/post tests, evaluation link and/or links to related professional associations.  Click here for the Learning Communities that are found in eServices.
  6. In a STEM Kit selection notification e-mail, CAP's STEM team will remind recipients that the STEM Kit Evaluation Online Form should be submitted upon completion of the planned STEM Kit program.
  7. After submitting the online Evaluation Form, another STEM Kit can be requested via the application process.

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