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Implementation & Evaluation Process


Implementation & Evaluation Process:

Implementation Process: 

  1. To begin the implementation of the STEM Kit, proceed to the online Learning Management System (LMS) now available in CAP's member portal, eServices. (eServices>Menu>Online Learning>Learning Management System>AXIS)  Click on "Go to AXIS" and find the STEM Kits; then, select the appropriate STEM Kit "core area," (aviation, space or cyber). (Core areas are noted on the STEM Kit selection page found HERE.)  All items associated with each STEM Kit can be found in this LMS.  This includes tip sheets, certificate links, pre/post tests, safety links, curriculum links, evaluation link, and/or links to related professional associations. 
     a. All non-approved applications each month will be removed from eServices so the non-approved applicants can make another STEM Kit application another time.
     b. If the application is approved, administer the STEM Kit Pre-test to all participants.  The Pre-test is in LMS.  (NOTE: Pre-test data will be required when completing the evaluation report for each STEM Kit.)

  2. Use the kit; integrate any LMS lessons/activities; and create unique and innovative ways to use the kit with the cadets or students. (Click the video below for instructions on accessing the STEM Kit Resources in AXIS/LMS.)
  3. Take good photographs of youth using the STEM Kits to be included in the STEM Kit online evaluation form. (Reminder:  Any youth in photos should have media release permissions for the photo to be sent.)


Evaluation Process:

  1. After completing at least six hours of STEM Kit instruction and implementation, administer the STEM Kit Post-test to all participants.  The Post-Test is in LMS .  Post-Test data will be required when completing the evaluation report for each STEM Kit.
  2. Log into eServices, and select Submit Evaluation at the top of CAP STEM Kit page.
  3. Select the STEM Kit that you wish to evaluate, complete the online evaluation, and press Submit.
  4. After the STEM Kit evaluation is submitted, a confirmation email will be received from CAP.  If this e-mail is not received, the online evaluation was not processed, and this evaluation will need to be resubmitted.
  5. To upload any photos or videos of youth involved in the STEM Kit program (only include photos of youth with permission to have photos used by CAP for STEM program promotion) select the Upload STEM Kit Photos at the top of the CAP STEM Kit page in eServices.  Submission of photos assures CAP that there is permission to use such photos in any STEM program promotions.

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