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Current National STEM Status:

America, historically the most innovative country in the world, is in dire need of a next generation workforce of STEM experts.  Yet, America's youth are lagging in STEM interest, competence, and career pursuit.  Immediate attention is needed in schools and youth development organizations to provide rigorous and relevant opportunities for experiential STEM learning.

Civil Air Patrol Action Plan: 

CAP is addressing this national issue by collaborative initiatives with organizations, such as the Air Force STEM Outreach Office, to provide STEM opportunities for CAP cadets and K-12 youth. 

CAP has been providing a selection of STEM Kits to CAP Unit Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs) and CAP educator members, to include AFJROTC Detachments, since January 25, 2013. 

CAP revises the STEM Kit listing for currency and relevancy to K-12 STEM education.

CAP STEM Kit Program Goal:

Generate enthusiasm among cadets and K-12 youth for STEM-related subjects and careers through a program supplying STEM resources for hands-on, inquiry-based learning. These STEM resources complement CAP's current AE materials, provided to CAP units and educator members.

(Alignment is especially strong with CAP's Aerospace Dimensions Modules, sent to all new CAP cadets and educator members, as pictured below.)

Applicants can select one STEM Kit at a time from a variety of exciting aviation, space, and cyber kits.
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