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Systems Tool Kit & StellarXplorers

STK is a software tool that allows engineers and scientists to design and develop complex dynamic simulations of real-world problems, especially those relating to satellites, spacecraft, and aircraft. Through CAP's partnership with Analytical Graphics, the makers of STK, cadets are invited to test-fly this state-of-the-art technology.

STK is a fantastic aerospace/STEM activity for cadets, students, and adults!


DID YOU KNOW that the Air Force Association (AFA) has an exciting and challenging national competition that involves the use of STK?  StellarXplorers is a dynamic program and competition available to ANY high school team from schools, youth organizations, JROTC, OR CAP!  Competition leads up to a national competition held each spring in CO Springs.

*** STLX VI (2020) competition is well underway.  National finals info will be coming in March.

***STLX V's (2019) national competition included a CAP from the MN Wing, the Anoka Composite Squadron!   See CAP.NEWS article.

Looking ahead:

REGISTRATION for the next STLX competition will open in April.  Find out all details at!

There is a $200 registration fee that covers each team registered.  To find out more about how this program can help CAP squadrons, click the STLX Info Page for CAP.

Want to get started learning about STK? See info below!

                   INTRODUCTORY VIDEO!

How to Obtain a Free STK Software License:



STK Downloading Instructions - 2018 Update

STK Curriculum
STK PowerPoint - Orbital Mechanics
Lesson plans, slides, activity scenarios, etc.  (6.6 mb Zip file)


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