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Colorado Wing Provides Space Foundation Teacher Liaisons Flight and STEM Day

Space Foundation Teacher Liaisons from Colorado were the benefactors of a special CAP STEM Day conducted by CO Wing’s DAE and Asst DAE, Majors Bill Blatchley and Barbara Adams, and supported by a team of CO Wing pilots who flew the teachers during their Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flights.   Coordinated by Space Foundation International Teacher Liaison Program leaders, Emily Gomez and Jennie Anderson, the teachers were provided a day to explore CAP’s extensive Educator programs which they can share with the schools in their region.


Part of the day included the teachers flying over the Colorado Springs area with CAP pilots where the teachers were able to take the controls of and fly the airplane.

During the classroom time, the teachers were briefed on various CAP STEM programs available to them, such as the ACE, ACE Plus, and STEM Kit programs. Of interest to the teachers was their time to explore the capabilities of some of the STEM Kits, such as flight simulators, Snaptricity, and SPHEROs. They had many questions about how to involve their students in the CAP cadet program and how to connect with their local CAP squadron for classroom support and student mentoring. 


Post-flight evaluations resulted in an average of 5 out of 5 on each section which included rating the relevance of the experience in being able to connect with school STEM concepts and sharing new aviation career options with the students.  A favorite word in the comments was, “Awesome!”  Other comments included:

“Flying like this has long been a dream of mine. I hope to be able to better inspire my students about aviation careers and how they can improve air and space travel.”

“This was an amazing day with an epic flight and great information to help me in my classroom.  I now have information about the CAP AE programs and the cadet program, both of which will be interesting to my students!”

“I got to fly over my school!  My students will think the photos from my flight are so cool!”

To find out how YOU or your organization can receive a Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) flight, check out the Teacher FAQs HERE

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