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Agility Prime

Agility Prime is an exciting new opportunity for cadets to engage with an Air Force founded initiative to accelerate the move to advanced air mobility vehicles (i.e., "flying cars" or "orbs").

CAP is looking for teams to learn more about the Agility Prime initiative and produce a short video presentation making their case for flying orb designs, manufacturing standards, deployment practices, problem-sets, or even some other innovation nobody has yet classified


The Air Force needs to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles — yes, “flying cars.”

How do cadets fit?

Great leaders look everywhere for new ideas. For the Air Force, that means asking CAP cadets for answers:

  • How could America build powerful, intelligent flying orbs?

  • What problems could America solve with such a fleet?

  • How could CAP use flying orbs in its real-world humanitarian and homeland security missions?

Activity Scope

Participating cadets will:

  • Learn from Agility Prime’s recorded and documentary content about emerging career fields

  • Participate in webinars and consume as brain food ideas that industry, the military, and universities have for advanced air mobility vehicles.

  • Produce a video (10-min. max) making their case for flying orb designs, manufacturing standards, deployment practices, problem-sets, or even some other innovation nobody has yet classified.

Squadron Team

The activity is open to all current CAP cadets. Squadrons organize teams of 3 to 8 cadets supported by at least adult (SM, CSM, AEM)

Environment & Duration

This activity is entirely virtual and concludes in mid-August. Teams decide how much time they are willing and able to devote to the project, anywhere from 4 hours over a couple sessions to 40 hours or more over several sessions is envisioned.



Competitive Element

CAP and Air Force officials will evaluate team video presentations against three criteria: originality of ideas (50%), clarity of content (30%), and creativity in delivery (20%).


The three top teams will each receive an intermediate-level, recreational drone.

Next Steps
  1. Start browsing

  2. Talk with your squadron leadership ASAP. Your unit commander (or designated SM) registers your team at by 0800 CDT on Friday 17 July.

  3. Register ASAP for the Agility Prime Teamup event, Wednesday / Thursday 15-16 July.

  4. Save the dates for a special cadet briefing on 17-18 July 2020. More info to follow the week of 13 July.

  1. Identify team members

  2. Senior member sponsor only: Register your team!

  3. Each team member must register individually here.

  4. Each team member must register individually for the teamup event here. (scroll to bottom of page)


This activity is not for complainers, just thinkers and do-ers. Agility Prime is ultra-fast and state of the art innovation. American aerospace supremacy is at stake. Register only if you can keep up!


This is a brand new opportunity and more information is being added constantly.  Check back frequently for updates!


Last update: 7/10/20



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