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Aircrew Careers Day

About Aircrew Careers Day Details Why You Should Go Eligibility Requirements Brief Example Itinerary How To Apply Web Events

About Aircrew Careers Day:

The Cadet Aircrew Careers Day (ACD) is aimed at providing a valuable and engaging experience for CAP Cadets. This program is designed to introduce them to the world of aviation and the career opportunities within the Air Force with an emphasis on Rated Diversity Improvement (RDI).

Contact for Activity:


  • There are 2 ACD activities planned at the moment.

  • The locations selected for this activity are MacDill AFB in Florida and Beale AFB in California.

  • 25-50 cadets from the pool of applicants will be selected for each of the locations

  • Cadets will be transported to a nearby Air Force Base to meet with aircrew members (ex: pilots and navigators).

  • 3 to 5 Senior Members will attend each activity with 1 serving as Activity Leader for that specific location.

  • CAP NHQ will provide transportation to and from the base, 2 days, 1 night hotel and meal accommodations.

Why You Should Go:

  • Base Visit: The program includes a visit to a near by Air Force base, providing cadets with a firsthand look at military aviation operations.

  • Hands-On Activities: Cadets will have the opportunity to engage in various hands-on activities, including flight simulators, exploring aircraft, and interacting with aircrew members.

  • Increased Air Force Exposure: Cadets are exposed to the idea that they could be the Air Force officers they see before them.

Eligibility Requirements:


Cadets of any age and rank may apply.

Have an interest or curiosity in what it means to be an officer in the USAF specifically for aircraft related jobs (ex: pilot or navigator).

At this time, only cadets from the squadrons below are eligible to apply.

Visit MacDill AFB, FL

Visit Beale AFB, CA

Activity Leaders or Adult Chaperones:

Be a Senior Member in good standing attached to one of the squadrons above.

Brief Example Itinerary:

  • Thursday: Cadets are picked up in the afternoon and travel to nearby AFB, lodge at a local hotel. Activity Director and SMs will provide a dinner option for the cadets at this time.

  • Friday Morning: Wake up, have breakfast at the hotel then travel to the AFB to meet the crew around 0800.

  • Friday Lunch: Have lunch on base around 1200.

  • Friday Afternoon: Depart from AFB around 1500 to head back home.

How to Apply


To take advantage of this amazing opportunity complete a brief application. (REGISTRATION FOR CADETS OPENS AT A LATER DATE)

Adult Chaperones: 

Talk with your squadron commander and request to be one of the 3-5 adult chaperones.

Activity Leaders: 

Each operation indicated above will need an Activity Leader chosen from the squadrons indicated above. Should you be one of the Activity Directors selected, you will be asked to attend a series of virtual meetings to help coordinate the planning of your local Aircrew Careers Weekend. As an Activity Leader you will be working directly with a NHQ employee to coordinate this effort. You would be responsible for making sure everyone is fed and taken care of and that time schedules are being followed. Most importantly you would be doing what you do best, working with your cadets.

If you are interested in being an Activity Leader for the program, please complete the application below.

This application period for Activity Leaders has ended.

MacDill Activity Leader Application Beale Activity Leader Registration Application

Web Events

Web Events:

Future Web Events will be planned once new squadrons and AFBs have been selected.

Web Event Recordings:

If you are unable to attend one of the web events take a look at the recordings (will not be posted until after a web event has been conducted).

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