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Let's Go Flying

The LET’S GO FLYING book prepares the younger aviation enthusiast, who had a fascination for flight, for the reality of what it takes to become an aviation professional.

The LET’S GO FLYING book stresses six major issues:
  • The aerospace industry has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Pilots, flight crews and support personnel who are impaired by drugs or alcohol endanger the safety of everyone on the ground or in the air.
  • The pilot’s certificate is directly linked to the medical certificate.
  • Starting from the day a young adult gets a driver’s license, a record of any alcohol or drug-related conviction can be used against a potential professional flight crew member by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • A pilot is expected to be in excellent physical condition when flying and when undergoing regular medical examinations.
  • Flying is one of the most remarkable achievements of mankind. It is a privilege to fly.

Links to the book, instructor guide and presentation are available on this page. The Let's Go Flying book is referenced in some activities in the DDR-X Activity Guide.

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