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Cisco Learn-A-Thon

Welcome to the 2020 Cisco Networking Academy Learn-A-Thon, celebrating the new partnership between CAP and the Cisco Networking Academy!

Why should CAP members participate? When is it? What will it cover? These questions and more are answered at this FAQ document

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Click here for instructions on how to enroll.

REGISTER NOW! The Learn-A-Thon concludes on October 9th, 2020. 

Didn't get your wing's enrollment link from the coordinator? See links below, be sure to only use your wing's link so it will be counted properly for the competition! 



Having issues accessing NetAcad?

1. Clear your web browser cache.  (Google Chrome instructions, Firefox instructions, Internet Explorer instructions, Safari instructions)

2. Restart your web browser (close it completely, then reopen). 

3. Login through and try launching the course again. 

It has been observed that Mozilla Firefox web browser supports NetAcad well.  

NOTE: Cisco Networking Academy’s terms of use is that it will not be used by individuals that are under the age of 13. 12 year old cadets are unable to participate at this time.

Having issues with the labs? The dev/tech team at Cisco is looking into this. Note that labs are not required to complete the course, but are encouraged to be completed. Everything is provided as a resource for your learning, you can move through the course at what works for you and your learning style. You will need to pass the final exam to receive the badge for completing the course. How you do it, is up to you! 

Haven't gotten your certificate? In order to pass the course, you need to take ALL exams, including each chapter exam and the final exam.


  Wing Name Course Name Course URL for Enrollment
1 Alabama Wing I2CS-AL Wing 
2 Alaska Wing I2CS-AK Wing
3 Arizona Wing I2CS-AZ Wing 
4 Arkansas Wing I2CS-AR Wing
5 California Wing I2CS-CA Wing
6 Colorado Wing I2CS-CO Wing
7 Connecticut Wing I2CS-CT Wing
8 Delaware Wing I2CS-DE Wing
9 Florida Wing I2CS-FL Wing
10 Georgia Wing I2CS-GA Wing
11 Hawaii Wing I2CS-HI Wing
12 Idaho Wing I2CS-ID Wing
13 Illinois Wing I2CS-IL Wing
14 Indiana Wing I2CS-IN Wing
15 Iowa Wing I2CS-IA Wing
16 Kansas Wing I2CS-KS Wing
17 Kentucky Wing I2CS-KY Wing
18 Louisiana Wing I2CS-LA Wing
19 Maine Wing I2CS-ME Wing
20 Maryland Wing I2CS-MD Wing
21 Massachusetts Wing I2CS-MA Wing
22 Michigan Wing I2CS-MI Wing
23 Minnesota Wing I2CS-MN Wing
24 Mississippi Wing I2CS-MS Wing
25 Missouri Wing I2CS-MO Wing
26 Montana Wing I2CS-MT Wing
27 National Capital Wing I2CS-Nati Wing
28 Nebraska Wing I2CS-NE Wing
29 Nevada Wing I2CS-NV Wing
30 New Hampshire Wing I2CS-NH Wing
31 New Jersey Wing I2CS-NJ Wing
32 New Mexico Wing I2CS-NM Wing
33 New York Wing I2CS-NY Wing
34 North Carolina Wing I2CS-NC Wing
35 North Dakota Wing I2CS-ND Wing
36 Ohio Wing I2CS-OH Wing
37 Oklahoma Wing I2CS-OK Wing
38 Oregon Wing I2CS-OR Wing
39 Pennsylvania Wing I2CS-PA Wing
40 Puerto Rico Wing I2CS-PRI Wing
41 Rhode Island Wing I2CS-RI Wing
42 South Carolina Wing I2CS-SC Wing
43 South Dakota Wing I2CS-SD Wing
44 Tennessee Wing I2CS-TN Wing
45 Texas Wing I2CS-TX Wing
46 Utah Wing I2CS-UT Wing
47 Vermont Wing I2CS-VT Wing
48 Virginia Wing I2CS-VA Wing
49 Washington Wing I2CS-WA Wing
50 West Virginia Wing I2CS-WV Wing
51 Wisconsin Wing I2CS-WI Wing
52 Wyoming Wing I2CS-WY Wing
53 Overseas Wing I2CS-Overseas Wing
54 Other I2CS-Other Wing
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