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Encampment Cadre & Staff Webinars

Technology is making it easier for CAP as a national organization to standardize training and lift one another up in terms of program quality. This spring, we’ll host a webinar series for encampment cadre and staff so that those individuals have an opportunity to hear practical tips on how to perform their jobs well. We’ll have some superb people from across the nation leading the webinars in a panel discussion, with opportunity for audience participation as well. 

Everyone is welcome. No prior approval from the chain of command is needed for this opportunity, and cadets don’t even need to possess a cadre assignment to participate. In fact, if a cadet participates in a webinar before interviewing for a cadre slot, that experience should make him or her a more competitive candidate.  

2022 Webinars

Our 2022 Spring Webinar series will be held Thursday evenings in May at 8:30 pm Central Daylight Time (6:30 pm Pacific, 9:30 pm Eastern). All sessions will be recorded and posted here for later viewing.  

Encampment Leadership Office Hours- Join the National Encampment Best Practices Team to get clarity on the coming encampment season.  Bring your questions and share best practices with your fellow encampment leaders.

Cadet Cadre: Tips for Success- Stepping up to lead your fellow cadets at encampment can be intimidating.  Come and hear from cadets who've done it before and are happy to share their knowledge.  What should you do to prepare? What should you avoid?  Whether you know you'll be on the encampment cadre or you're thinking about applying, come get some tips for success.

Training Officers: Supporting Cadet Success- Being a Training Officer at encampment is more than being a chaperone, it's a mentoring role.  Come learn how to find the right balance in supporting the cadets, students and cadre alike.  

2022 Webinars Audience Time Link to Join
Encampment Leadership Office Hours Encampment Commanders, Commandants of Cadets, Directors of Cadet Programs 12 May, 8:30 pm CDT Click here to join
Cadet Cadre: Tips for Success All cadet cadre & staff, prospective cadet cadre 19 May, 8:30 pm CDT Click here to join 
Training Officers: Supporting Cadet Success Training Officers 26 May, 8:30 pm CDT Click here to join 


For archived webinars from previous years click here



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