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CEAP for Adult Leaders

All Adult Leaders


Thank you for your assistance in keeping cadets' participation in the CEAP program confidential.  Please don't share the names of CEAP recipients beyond those who need to know.

Uniform Assistance

Cadets who receive uniform assistance will receive an email from Vanguard with instructions.  Emailed vouchers will go to the commander, cadet and parent emails, if on file.  Funds for the vouchers are transferred directly from NHQ to Vanguard, they do not pass through the Wing or the cadet directly.  If cadets spend up to the allocated amount there will be no cost to them.  Families may spend more, but will be responsible for costs in excess of the voucher.  Vouchers may only be used on approved uniform items.  Vouchers are non-transferable and expire as indicated.  After that time all unused voucher funds revert back to CAP.  For problems with the voucher, please email or call Norine at Vanguard at (800) 221-1264 X 271.

Prioritization of Support

CEAP funds are awarded to cadets in priority of need. Families who self-identify that they receive Federal assistance through well-known programs like SNAP, school lunch, Social Security, unemployment, etc., are “Priority 1.” Families with multiple cadets in the program or with a combined family income of less than $80,000 a year are  “Priority 2.” Families who self-identify as having a financial need but don't meet any of the previous criteria are "Priority 3." 

Quick Approvals:  1st Priority First Timers, 1st Priority Returners

Automatically Waitlisted: 2nd Priority First Timers, 3rd Priority First Timers, 2nd and 3rd Priority Returners

Waitlisted cadets will be reviewed the week after the CEAP applications close and funding will be approved based on available funds.

Application Deadlines - Updated for 2024

Financial priority level, first-timer status, and date of application are all factors in awarding funds.  Apply early for the best chance of receiving assistance.

Summer CEAP Round 1: Includes all registered Spring and Summer encampments. Best chance at funding support.

March 1       CEAP  Applications Open 

May 1           CEAP Applications Close 

Summer CEAP Round 2: Includes only late Summer encampments (those beginning 20 July and after). Limited funding available.

June 15       CEAP  Applications Open

July 1           CEAP Applications Close

Winter CEAP

Nov 1           CEAP  Applications Open

Applications close the Sunday after Thanksgiving. 


Squadron Commanders

Approvals and Disapprovals

Squadron commanders must approve or disapprove a cadet's CEAP application before it may be processed by NHQ.  When considering approvals no proof or documentation of a cadet's financial situation is required.  We just ask that you help keep the Air Force funds directed towards the families who need it most.  We expect that most cadets who raise their hands for assistance have a true need.  The squadron commander is in the best position to make sure that the funds stay targeted towards low-income families.

Application Errors

If there is an error in the application (wrong priority or need checked) then please email to have it fixed. Disapproving an application with an error will block the cadet from re-applying during that cycle. Errors need to be fixed through email. Once the fix is complete then the commander can approve if appropriate. 

Multiple Applications

Squadron commanders serving units with a large number of economically disadvantaged cadets, or cadets without regular internet access, may apply on behalf of their cadets using the online application.  Simply enter the cadets CAPIDs answer the questions and submit. Please make sure to inform families that you have taken that action. 

DCPs, Encampment Commanders & Finance Officers  

Encampment Info

To have your encampment listed on the CEAP application and upcoming encampments page, please submit your encampment information here

Summer Encampment Registration Goal: 1 February 

Winter Encampment Registration Goal: 1 October

Off-season Encampment Registration Goal: 90 days prior to start

Encampment Per Diem and Lodging Amount

The CEAP allocation rate for cadets receiving tuition assistance is a per diem.  We use CAP’s rate for operations, $42/day (as of May 2022).  The first and last days are considered travel days and will be 75% of the CEAP per diem rate. Previous year’s experiences indicate that this is a fair rate which will cover expenses associated with encampment.  If you have a cadet lodging cost with a per cadet per night contract, please submit documentation at least 30 days in advance of the encampment to  

Transmitting Financial Assistance

We’ll transmit payment in one lump sum via EFT to the host wing account, 20 days prior to your encampment. 

CEAP Graduation Requirement

Due to the auditing procedures for these special funds, every dollar needs to be associated with the CAPID of a cadet who graduated from the wing encampment.  Although rare, it’s conceivable that a cadet who receives financial assistance might not show up for encampment or might not graduate. In that case, the wing must return that cadet’s financial assistance to National Headquarters.

Wing Level CEAP Report

The CEAP Wing Encampment Report is available through the Encampment Reports module in eServices.  It's viewable by Commanders, Vice Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, and Directors of Cadet Programs.  Others can be granted access by the WSA.  Please note that the “Status” column refers to unit commander approvals while the “NHQ Processed” column refers to the processing.  If NHQ Processed is Yes, NHQ will transfer tuition to the wing account.  If NHQ Processed is No, the cadet is on the waiting list for funds.  Wing encampment leadership should monitor the "Status" column for applications showing PENDING approval and reach out to the appropriate unit commanders for those cadets to remind them to address CEAP applications in their Encampment Assistance Approvals module.

Closing out CEAP

Encampments must complete the Encampment Entry report and enter in encampment participation data in order to wrap up CEAP.  Wrapping up CEAP quickly after your encampment frees up CEAP funding for wings with later encampments. Please don’t sit on your encampment report. Help others out by getting things done quickly.


Many encampments use online registration programs which allow for families to pay encampment fees when signing up.  Please consider how cadets receiving tuition assistance will interact with the registration.  Some wings have been able to give CEAP cadets a "coupon code" to bypass the mandatory payment  or create a free CEAP cadet category for registration purposes.  Families approved for CEAP should not have to put up any money for their cadet to attend the activity.


If a cadet is approved for CEAP tuition assistance after they pay for encampment, the encampment must provide the family a refund after graduation.  



Last update: 22 January 2024

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