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NCC Competitor Information

Cadet (Not Staff) End of Activity Survey 2023 -- Use this link to access the survey. All cadet participants not on staff, please take this survey to help us improve support for activities.

Staff End of Activity Survey 2023 -- Use this link to access the survey. All staff--seniors, cadets, and military members--please take our survey to help improve quality of our activities.


National Cadet Competition 2023 Competitor and Staff Information

Dates for Competition July 12 – July 18, 2023

April 28, 2023

1.  Get Ready for NCC 2023! This website outlines some of the key details for the 2023 NCC.  Region DCPs share this information with your teams.

2.  Leadership. Our NCC Director is Maj Thomas O. Miller, CAP, who’ll be assisted by Lt Col Harold Buchanan as Deputy Director for Operations and Lt Col Lee Tallier as Deputy Director for Support. Senior members and cadets are needed to serve as marshals, judges and staff support. To volunteer for staff, please contact us at

3.  Logistics.

a.  Schedule Overview:

Tues 11 Jul

Wed 12 Jul

Thurs 13 Jul

Fri 14 Jul 

Sat 15 Jul -
Mon 16 Jul

Tues 18 Jul

Command Staff travel

Staff Travel & Team Travel

Team travel & Welcome Brief

Competitive Events Start

Competitive events, award ceremony & AE Activity


b.  Location: Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.  

c.  Region Participation: Each Region is invited to send two teams of six cadets and two escorts. 

d. Uniform of the Day: Cadets will be in the “blues” uniform during a majority of the activity. “Blues” means short-sleeved, open collar, otherwise known as Class B as described in CAPM 39-1 para 1.2.2. BDUs are not needed. However, ensure you have appropriate athletic gear as indicated below in para 8.b. Escorts and CAP spectators are requested to wear “blues,” “aviator” or “polo” combinations.. 

e.  Cadet Staff should bring “blues," PT, ABUs or BDUs. Senior Staff are requested to wear “blues,” “aviator” or “polo” combinations based on duty assignment.

f.  Casual wear permitted after hours.

4.  Planning Milestones & Registration Procedures






Wing and Region Competition Date and Information needed

1 Feb

Wing and Region/CP email

Each Wing and Region are required to advise if they are holding a competition. We need a response advising YES or NO. Information needed:

Date of Competition, Contact person and contact information, website where competition information is posted or where it is advertised, Announcement Letter for the competition.

If you need a staff member from NCC to attend your competition please let us know well in advance so we may be able to send someone.

Region Registration

15 Apr

Region/CP email

Indicate how many teams the Region will send (0, 1, or 2). If fewer than two teams, please let us know as early as possible so another region can get a third team to participate.

Escort Registration

8 May

Lead escort complete online registration

Register via eServices and fill in additional information forms. Indicate two senior escorts per team (lead and assistant).  Escorts must have driving privileges indicated on their 101 card.  The privilege(s) must be the same as the vehicle they are tasked to drive (typically 7/8 pax and/or 12 pax passenger vans).

Spectator and Banquet Registration Link

25 May 

2023 Eventbrite link

Eventbrite site will be setup by NHQ and provided to NCC staff and published on NCC pages.

Webinar #1

22 May Time to be advised

Meeting Recording

Informational webinar; 1 escort per team is expected to participate. Will include a Q & A.

Cadet Registration

29 May

Cadets complete        online registration

Cadets register themselves online via eServices. Team lead fills in additional data forms for 6 competing cadets, identifies Team Cadet Commander, and identifies the elective events in which each cadet would like to participate. Meal Selections for the Awards Dinner are on the Team Registration Form. Located on NCC webpage.

Travel Itinerary

1 Jun

Team Lead provides via dropbox

Team Lead provides detailed itinerary, ticket confirmations, etc. via dropbox file submission link Submissions Folder.

Spectator Registration

1 Jun

Banquet and Awards Deadline. Complete online registration

All spectators are welcome, but those who want to attend the Banquet and Awards Ceremony must complete online registration and meal selection via Eventbrite link. Tickets cost $40.00. Only ticketed members will be admitted to Apollo Room for Awards Ceremony. Meal selections are available in registration.

Webinar #2

12 Jun Time to be advised

NHQ will provide access code to escorts by 9 Jun

Informational webinar; each Team Cadet Commander and 1 escort per team is expected to participate.

CPFT Waiver Requests

15 Jun

Send CPFT Medical Waiver Requests to NCC Staff

Use CAPP 60-50, Attachment 2 with doctor certification, if applicable using dropbox file submission link. Submissions Folder.

5.  Travel to Wright State University

a.  Airfare Policy. TBA.

b.  Driving Policy. TBA

c.  Arrival & Departure Information.

Flying: Arrival and departure airport is Dayton International Airport (DAY) primary and Columbus International Airport (CMH) alternate. Command Staff arrives Jul 11th, General Staff (seniors and cadets) arrive Jul 12th, Teams arrive Jul 13th starting around 1200 and 14th up to 1900. Departures for General staff and teams is Jul 18th and command staff Jul 19th. Pick up location will be advised. 

Driving: Command Staff arrives Jul 11th; General Staff (seniors and cadets) arrive Jul 12th. Teams arrive Jul 13th starting around 1200 and 14th up to 1700. Departure for general staff and teams is Jul 18th and command staff Jul 19th. 

Travel Itinerary:  Travel itineraries and receipt must be uploaded to Submissions Folder.

Please note: CAP does not reimburse flight change fees, insurance, business, reimbursable, or first class tickets or upgrades, such as extra room. Airline tickets must be purchased at least 21 days before the date of travel. Reimbursement will occur as quickly as possible after submission. If this creates significant challenges, please notify Maj Thomas Miller Shaw directly at or Lt Col Lee Tallier at, the Deputy Commander for Support.

6.  Lodging, Meals & Ground Transportation at Wright State University

a.  Ground Transportation. NCC will provide ground transportation from the airport to Wright State University for all teams and registered Staff Members. Spectators are encouraged to rent a vehicle at the airport. No spectator transportation will be provided.

b.  Lodging. Teams (2 escorts and 6 cadets) will be lodged at the Wright State University at no charge. 

Spectator families, mentors and visitors units, Wings or Regions will need to make hotel arrangements on their own. The Fairfield Inn Dayton/Fairborn, Hampton Inn Dayton/Fairborn, Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn, Red Roof Inn Dayton/Fairborn, Homewood Suites Dayton/Fairborn and Wingate Dayton/Fairborn are an easy 5-minute drive to Wright State University and several restaurants are within walking distance.

c.  Meals. Teams will eat at the university dining facility and the meals are provided. Spectators will need to make their own arrangements and may be able to eat at the university dining hall for a fee.

d.  Dinner/Buffet & Award Ceremony.

All spectators are invited to a dinner and award ceremony on Monday, 17 July at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $40.00 and are available for purchase online through NCC Eventbrite registration link. Team members and escorts do not have to purchase tickets.  Registration closes on 1 June.

Meal Selection: TBA


Served with Caesar Salad with eggplant croutons, Grilled Polenta or zucchini boat, White Chocolate Macadamia Mousse and Macerated Fresh Berry Cheesecake.

d.  Team Shirts and polos. Teams may order NCC T-shirts and polos using the NCC Eventbrite registration link. Click on the "tickets" button then select "add-ons" if you are not also purchasing banquet tickets for visitors.

7.  Events

a.  Indoor Posting of Colors – 4 cadet team

b.  Outdoor Posting of Colors – 3 cadet team

c.  Standard Drill – 4 cadet team

d. Standard Element Drill – 6 cadet team

e.  Written Exam

f.  Cadet Physical Fitness Test - Athletic Equipment. (per CAPP 60-50 with modifications outlined in CAPP 60-75)

g.  Uniform Inspection

h.  sUAS – 6 cadet team, (4 cadets written exam, 2 cadets drone flying)

i.  Team Leadership Project - 6 cadet team

j.  Pre-Competition Service Project, with oral defense – 2 cadet team

k. Panel Quiz

8.  Miscellaneous Operational Matters

a.  Color Guard Equipment. For the teams’ travel convenience, NCC will provide flags, poles, flag stands, drill rifles, web belts, and flag carriers. DO NOT BRING RIFLES TO THE COMPETITION.

b.  Athletic Equipment. Teams must provide their own athletic apparel. Only running shoes/sneakers may be worn during the physical fitness events (no boots). NCC will provide water and snacks.

c.  CPFT Medical Limitations. Cadets who have medical limitations affecting the CPFT must submit/upload their Waiver Request using CAPP 60-50, Attachment 2, via our NCC Dropbox submission link Submissions Folder.  Reference: Draft CAPP 60-75, 2-7,c3.

d.  Robotics Event. NOT PLANNED FOR 2023. Each Team will need to supply their own Robot and Programmable Calculator. The model numbers will be advised. These can be supplied by the squadron, group, wing or region. This way you will have time to be familiar with them prior to the event.

Equipment. Team will need to provide their own robotic vehicle and calculators. To be competitive in this event, teams will of course need to obtain their own robot kit ($99 via and graphing calculator ($60), and practice at the squadron prior to NCC. Suggested graphing calculators are referenced in the robot manual.

e.  UAS Event. This activity promotes STEM learning through two activities; 1) Written test covering subjects contained in the FAA’s Remote Pilot Written Exam (Part 107) and 2) Indoor, RC, line of sight flying of a basic quadcopter.  The intent is for all six team members to participate; four team members take the written exam and two other team members fly the quadcopter.

Written Exam. The written exam is a multiple choice test, where the cadet has 60 minutes to answer 50 questions covering topics from the FAA’s Airman Certification Standards for Remote Pilot (FAA-S-ACS-10A).

Equipment. Team will be provided a sUAS vehicle from the NHQ STEM AE Program before competition. The teams will compete with this sUAS drone acquired from NHQ through the AE STEM Kit Program Office. They have reserved 16 kits for the NCC competition teams, but each team will need to order their drone through eServices. When advised by the NCC staff, each team will order their kit.  DO NOT order your kit before NCC Staff advises you to do so. No modifications are permitted to the drone or controller.  Teams are permitted to purchase their own replacement batteries and propellers provided they are the same, exactly, as the original batteries (in mah) and propellers (in length and pitch).  Teams may purchase upgraded battery chargers (such as the type which charge 6 batteries at once) and battery voltage checkers at their own expense and discretion.  Teams must fly with the blade protection accessory attached. 

9.  Required Forms

Below are a list of required forms to be uploaded via our NCC Dropbox submission link --> Submission Folder.

1.  Electronic CAPF 60-81 - once your unit and wing sign off on the NCC application, download your online CAPF 60-81 (formerly CAPF 31) from eServices, off the payments screen.  Print the last page, sign and have a parent or guardian sign it if under 18. Upload to the above link.

2.  Wright State Hold Harmless Agreement - download the hold harmless agreement, get appropriate signatures and Upload to the above link and bring original with you.

3.  Team Info Worksheet

4.  CAPF 160

5.  CAPF 161

6.  Medical Waiver (if applicable) using CAPP 60-50 (formerly CAPP 52-18), Attachment 2.



Director, National Cadet Competition

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