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National Cadet Special Activities

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Make Your Activity a Cadet Special Activity (CSA)

Cadet (Not Staff) End of Activity Survey 2020 -- All cadet participants not on staff, please take this survey to help us improve support for activities.

Staff End of Activity Survey 2020 -- All staff--seniors members, cadets, and military members--please take our survey to help improve quality of our activities.

SmugMug --Check out our photo repository to see cadets and senior members in action.


This site lists Civil Air Patrol's upcoming Cadet Special Activities (CSAs). It includes national activities and those wing and region activities approved to receive the CSA ribbon. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.

NCSA Registration Status Updates


Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters will continue to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance about the Coronavirus as we approach summer and “high season” for overnight cadet activities including encampments, flight academies, the International Air Cadet Exchange, and other National Cadet Special Activities. We will do our best to make the decision to proceed with or cancel the activity approximately 45 days out. If an activity cancels, staff will notify participants, and we will indicate the cancellation on the activity's advertisement page here in the listing.  In light of the many factors affecting a family's decision to attend an NCSA or not, CAP will refund the tuition, including the typically non-refundable deposit, in full this year regardless of reason for withdrawing from an activity.


We know that families typically try to purchase airline tickets several weeks in advance for cadet activities so that they may obtain the lowest rates. For now, we suggest that families not purchase airline tickets. We’ll keep families, adult volunteers, and host wings informed about our plans for summer cadet activities over the next several weeks as the situation develops.


Cadets who have been offered “primary” slots at NCSAs, please accept or decline by the previously announced deadline(s).

Cancelled Activities

Engineering Technology Academy (Robotics)--cancelled 4/3/2020
International Air Cadet Exchange--cancelled 3/27/2020
Pacific and Rocky Mountain Region Honor Guard Academy--cancelled 4/3/2020
National Cadet Competition--cancelled 3/27/2020

Please follow instructions from activity staff for refund of payments to include the deposit.

ANY change made to applications after 15 Jan result in everything applied for being marked late.  For those interested in cyber activities, see "Civil Air Patrol National Cyber Academy" in the list for details on how to indicate your interest in attending. It will not affect your eServices ontime applications.

EServices Registration & Payment System is open for applications for Summer activities. Applications submitted in eServices through 15 Jan are considered "On-Time" and will be given priority placement into "primary" status. Use this "Apply Online" link to access the application site on eServices. Notifications of winter placements go out by mid-December. Spring placements are as outlined on their advertisement on this site. Notifications for summer applicants will go out on or about 1 March. Those cadets who remain on alternate lists may be contacted at anytime to fill a slot.

Special Filters

Date Category Name Location State Min. Age Cost
26 - 31 Dec 2019 Operations Training Brownsville TX 14 $150.00
19 - 22 Feb 2020 Leadership US Air Force Academy CO 18 $60.00
22 - 29 Feb 2020 Leadership Washington DC 16 $450.00
23 - 29 Feb 2020 Leadership National Guard Training Center, Pembroke NH N/A Varies
06 - 15 Mar 2020 Flight Eielson AFB AK 16 $800.00
29 May - 06 Jun 2020 Flight Nacogdoches TX 16 $800.00
05 - 13 Jun 2020 Air Force Columbus AFB MS 15 $485.00
06 - 13 Jun 2020 Air Force Patrick AFB FL 15 $475.00
07 - 13 Jun 2020 Air Force San Antonio TX 14 $300.00
11 - 25 Jun 2020 Flight Fremont NE 16 $800.00
12 - 27 Jun 2020 Flight Mattoon IL N/A Varies
15 - 25 Jun 2020 Technology USAFA, Colorado Springs CO N/A Varies
15 - 24 Jun 2020 Flight Oshkosh WI 16 $800.00
15 - 25 Jun 2020 Air Force USAFA, Colorado Springs CO 14 Varies
17 - 28 Jun 2020 Flight Shawnee OK 16 $800.00
19 - 27 Jun 2020 Operations Training Wendover Airfield UT N/A $200.00
20 - 27 Jun 2020 Air Force Tyndall AFB FL 15 $350.00
20 - 28 Jun 2020 Air Force Davis-Monthan, AFB AZ 15 $450.00
20 - 27 Jun 2020 Air Force Laughlin AFB TX 15 $485.00
20 - 28 Jun 2020 Flight Fredericksburg PA 14 $800.00
20 - 28 Jun 2020 Flight Clovis NM 14 $800.00
23 Jun - 03 Jul 2020 Leadership Maxwell AFB AL 16 $350.00
26 Jun - 04 Jul 2020 Flight Brunswick ME 16 $800.00
27 Jun - 04 Jul 2020 Air Force Peterson AFB CO 15 $475.00
27 Jun - 08 Jul 2020 Flight Rapid City SD 16 $800.00

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