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Lonestar Emergency Services Academy South

Activity Directors Help Page
Application Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions
Make Your Activity a Cadet Special Activity (CSA)

Cadet (Not Staff) End of Activity Survey 2020 -- All cadet participants not on staff, please take this survey to help us improve support for activities.

Staff End of Activity Survey 2020 -- All staff--seniors members, cadets, and military members--please take our survey to help improve quality of our activities.

SmugMug --Check out our photo repository to see cadets and senior members in action.


This site lists Civil Air Patrol's upcoming Cadet Special Activities (CSAs). It includes national activities and those wing and region activities approved to receive the CSA ribbon. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.

NCSA Registration Status Updates

PJOC dates and four more flight academies were added 1/7/2020, add them to your preference list before 15 Jan to be considered on-time.  ANY change made to applications after 15 Jan result in everything applied for being marked late.  

EServices Registration & Payment System is open for applications for Summer activities. Applications submitted in eServices through 15 Jan are considered "On-Time" and will be given priority placement into "primary" status. Use this "Apply Online" link to access the application site on eServices. Notifications of winter placements go out by mid-December. Spring placements are as outlined on their advertisement on this site. Notifications for on-time summer applicants will go out on 1 March. Those cadets who remain on alternate lists may be contacted at anytime to fill a slot.

Use the following course numbers to verify you are selecting the correct activity in the eServices "Preferences" tab of your application.  Activities appear alphabetically, but will have the course number next to them in the tab. You can download a sortable spreadsheet on the homepage for a complete listing of activity course numbers. If you can't see the course number on your device, try changing the zoom on the page.

eServices Short Name Cadet Participant Course # Staff Participant Course # Activity Full Name
LESA South N/A N/A Lonestar Emergency Services Academy South
Contact for Activity:
Activity Website (if applicable):
How to Apply:

This regional event is open to cadets nationwide. Registration is via a local site and NOT the NCSA "Apply Online" button. Go to for detailed course information and registration instructions.

Participants: Follow instructions on LESA website.  Make payment and return all documents by 1 December.

Staff: Follow instructions on LESA website and in the Oplan. 
All instructors must be on the  current SET qualifies.
Apply directly to the commander of the school by email. 
Make payment and return all documents by 12 November.

Reservists: If this activity interests you, please see if it is listed on the CAP-USAF SharePoint site. If SharePoint is not available or this activity is not listed, contact your Liaison Region Commander to see if this activity needs CAP-USAF support.  Your duties may include coordination and liaison tasks.  You may be required to attend online/teleconference staff meetings prior to the activity start date and be integrated into the staff during execution.  You will receive additional guidance via your LR concerning execution of man-days or points and the process to support CAP activities.  If additional assistance is required, contact Mr. Mike Tyynismaa at CAP-USAF HQs.

Eligibility Requirements:

Cadets may participate in any areas where age, qualifications and CAP regulations permit. Attendees shall be active CAP members with a CAPF 101 or SQTR marked for SAR/DR Trainee or any advanced specialty qualifications. No members without General Emergency Service’s qualification will be allowed to sign in and participate in the schools. Participants must have all prerequisites done in advance in order to facilitate efficient training at the exercise. Participants in all the courses must possess the prerequisites necessary for qualifications. 


Completed Encampment
C/SrA or above
At least 14 years of age
GES qualified
Physical Category I (must pass CPFT upon arrival and end of course for graduation)
Bring complete 72-hour pack


Cadets: Same as participants

Senior Members: 

Complete Level 1/ CPPT
Working knowledge of drill and ceremonies (talk to your cadets)
Complete CAPT 117, part 1
Complete 72 hour pack (Ref. GT Task Guide) *GT School and MOTS ONLY 
Physical Category I (must be able to complete senior physical assessment test upon arrival and be able to carry 72 pack) *GT SCHOOL and MOTS ONLY* 

Reservists: Contact your LR for basic criteria.  Note: This is a physically demanding activity, and you should be able to participate in a physical fitness program without restriction.

Graduation Requirements:

Actively participate in 80% of the contact hours and not dismissed early for behavior
Pass at end of course
Activity Director determines course objectives met


Activity staff will notify selectees of the transportation plan.

Activity Goal:

LoneStar Emergency Services Academy South (LESA South) offers a week of intensive training that prepares members for participation in CAP Emergency Services and allows cadets to work with non-CAP emergency management professionals with an eye toward career preparation. Training accomplished will be used to increase the number of qualified Mission Aircrew, Mission Staff, Mission Support Staff, Ground Team Members (GTM) 3 and 2, and advanced skills for GTM 1 and Ground Team Leaders (GTL). A Medical Orientation Training School will be provided to train members to serve as first-responders. The Communications School will focus on training members on the use of the various CAP radios and frequencies. Curriculum from the CAP National Emergency Services Academy, NASAR, military medic training, and Texas-specific training will be used to implement the training.

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