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Activities Timeline Activity Director Training 


What does the timeline for NCSAs look like?

The planning process for summer activities is constant.  Winter and spring may flex a week or two depending on course offerings

We begin a summer planning cycle before the current year ends. To help keep things clear we try to use some common milestones. ** Dates are subject to change.

Updates are in red font as of 06 March @ 6:28 pm.

30 Aug

After Action Report and AD Completion Module Deadline 

1 Sept

Begin Summer Close Out and solicit CSA nominations from Regions/Wings

**15 Sept

Activity credit cards turned off

**30 Sept

Deadline for:

1. Winter/spring CSA/NFA nomination packages due

2. First draft of budget projections for activity two years from the current fiscal year due (use template provided on AD tab of website)

**1 Oct

Begin coordination of staff summary recommending next year's activity directors/Solicit CSA nominations from Regions/Wings

**16 Oct - 15 Nov

Update activity websites, and as needed throughout season; Winter/Spring activity registration opens on or about 15 October

**15 Nov

Activity directors & CSA lineup approved by CAP/CC

**15 Nov

Summer activities announced for the following year

**28 Nov

Activities updated in eServices

 1 Dec

Members begin applying online/Budget for current FY final

18 Jan

Initial application deadline to be considered for priority in placement for primary status most summer activities

NLT 1 Feb

Unit approvals in eServices for on time applications

**NLT 15 Feb

NFAs signed Oplan uploaded to Dropbox

NLT 15 Feb

Wing approvals in eServices for on time  NCSA apps

**16 Feb-1 Mar

Portions of Registration & Payment turned off to accommodate initial slotting 

**19-21 Feb

Hand Slot--only for those coordinated between Activity Director and CAP/CPA

**08 Mar 

Autoslotting program runs

**09-10 Mar

Business rules checked by Activity Director and CAP/CPA; CAP/CPA makes slotting changes if needed

**11-12 Mar or
after 15 Mar

Courses that do not autoslot may slot their courses based on published business rules or wait until AFTER 2 March, if they do not want auto-notifications for accepting a slot to go out

**15 Mar

Automated slotting announcements to cadet participants

**NLT 18 Mar

Welcome letters added to activity websites

**NLT 18 Mar

No later than date to make initial email contact with your slotted cadets

NLT 31 Mar

NFAs submit initial Risk Assessment using published RA forms via Dropbox

NLT 30 April

Activity credit cards activated, certifications due monthly when purchases are made

31 Mar

Initial student payment deadline for NCSAs/NFAs

1 Apr 

Activity Directors can begin Alternate slotting to replace disenrolled cadets

**NLT 15 Apr

NCSAs and Accredited CSAs submit initial Risk Assessment for activity and sub-activities via Dropbox

30 Apr

Final student payment deadline for NCSAs & NFAs

Last weekend in May 

1st activity should not be any earlier than this without approval of CAP/CPA

2nd weekend in August 

Last activity should not be any later than this without approval of CAP/CPA


NCSA & NFA Director Training for 2024

Please save the following dates for activity director and staff training. You will receive a reminder email about a week prior. Note that on those webinars where finance, safety or public affairs is highlighted, we would like for the staff member(s) who will fill those roles to attend the webinar, as well as the activity director.  You are welcome to invite other staff to attend any of the webinars.  If you are unable to attend, we ask that you have your deputy on the call.  All calls will be webinars, meaning you will get the most benefit if you can login on a computer or mobile device to see visual content. All training will be recorded and posted below.  No password is required to access the recordings.

You will receive best training by connecting online through your web browser or by downloading the free Microsoft  Teams application and accessing the training through it.


Date Choice and Time


(Central time)

Link to Teams Meeting or Recording

(posted 1 week after the training)


Slide Deck

#1 Kickoff Activity Director Training

Video Release

Available on Jan 31, 2024


Link to AXIS course

NCSA & NFA Directors

Link to AXIS course

Webinar #2 Slotting and Tools Activity Director Training

Feb 4 or 5, 2024

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NCSA & NFA Directors, & CSA Directors who use eServices for registration, along with anyone on staff who uses the eServices screens to assist with registration/slotting

Link to Slides

Webinar #3 Safety @ Summer Activities

Mar 3 or 4, 2024

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NCSA & NFA Directors, CSA Directors, Activity Safety Officers and Health Services

Link to Slides

Webinar #4 Finance @ Summer Activities

April 14 or 15, 2024

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NCSA & NFA Directors and Finance officers

Link to Slides

Webinar #5 Public Affairs @ Summer Activities

May 5 or 6, 2024

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NCSA & NFA Directors and PAs

Link to Slides

Webinar #6 NFAs Only WMIRS Training

2 June for Powered

3 June for Glider 

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NFA Directors and those who do manage the mission via WMIRS.

WMIRS Handout

Webinar #7 Whew Done with 2024 time to Prep for 2025

Aug 25 or 26, 2024

2000 hrs CT

Link to Recording

NCSA & NFA Directors




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