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Civic Leadership Academy

Activity Directors Help Page
Application Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions
Make Your Activity a Cadet Special Activity (CSA)

Cadet (Not Staff) End of Activity Survey 2021 -- All cadet participants not on staff, please take this survey to help us improve support for activities.

Staff End of Activity Survey 2021 -- All staff--seniors members, cadets, and military members--please take our survey to help improve quality of our activities.

SmugMug --Check out our photo repository to see cadets and senior members in action.


This site lists Civil Air Patrol's upcoming Cadet Special Activities (CSAs). It includes national activities and those wing and region activities approved to receive the CSA ribbon. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills. Typically, advertisements for activities we plan to offer in Winter are posted here by mid-October, and spring/summer activities are posted by mid-December. A list of past activities is under the "Helpful Links" section of this web page under the title "eServices Event/Activity Preference Numbers."

NCSA Registration Status Updates

*****WINTER & SUMMER CADET ACTIVITIES--updated 6 June 2021

Please note activities that appear as "not scheduled" on, don’t have confirmed dates, but we are working to host the activity unless noted that the activity has cancelled. We posted the last activities on 29 April 2021. Encampment requirement is removed for some activities.  Look at the activity ad page to see if it is required.  We have removed the "late" date for registration so that preferences can be added without penalty. EServices Registration & Payment System is OPEN for applications for Summer 2021. Applications submitted in eServices through 20 Nov for winter and 15 Jan for summer are considered "On-Time" and are given priority placement into "primary" status. Use this "Apply Online" link to access the application site on eServices. Notifications of winter placements go out by mid to late December. Spring placements are as outlined on their advertisements on this site. Notifications for summer applicants will go out on or about 1 March and as activities fill vacancies after 1 March. Those cadets who remain on alternate lists may be contacted at any time to fill a slot.

2021 Cancelled Activities 

Air Force Pararescue and Survival Orientation Courses (both locations)
Air Force Space Command Familiarization Course (Patrick AFB, FL) (cancelled 6/7/2021)
Cadet Aviation Ground School (cancelled 2/24/2021)
Cadet Officer School (cancelled 2/24/2021)
Civic Leadership Academy
National Cadet Competition
NFA-GLR Johnson Flight Academy (Glider) (cancelled 5/5/2021)
NFA-GLR Johnson Flight Academy (G-1000) (cancelled 5/5/2021)
NFA-GLR Johnson Flight Academy Powered (Week 2) (cancelled 5/5/2021)
NFA-NCR Powered Flight Academy (Fremont, NE) (cancelled 4/29/2021)
NFA-NER Glider Flight Academy (Fredericksburg, PA) (cancelled 5/1/2021)
International Air Cadet Exchange
PCR/RMR Honor Guard Academy (USAFA, CO Springs, CO) (cancelled 3/11/2021)


Use the following course numbers to verify you are selecting the correct activity in the eServices "Preferences" tab of your application.  Activities appear alphabetically, but will have the course number next to them in the tab. You can download a sortable spreadsheet on the homepage for a complete listing of activity course numbers. If you can't see the course number on your device, try changing the zoom on the page.

eServices Short Name Cadet Participant Course # Staff Participant Course # Activity Full Name
Civic Leadership Academy 206 207 Civic Leadership Academy

****Dates are for 2022 are posted.  Applications will open Oct 2021 for the 2022 event!****

The 24 most outstanding cadet applicants, as judged by CLA faculty, will be selected to attend and announced via email by 15 December. Selectees use this link for pre-course work. (Link not available until selectees announced.)

COVID-19 Contingency.  You will participate with the Legislative Day activities as part of your Wing's team.. They may make in-person or virtual visits to representatives and senators in Washington, DC.  These meetings may take place outside the 12-19  Feb timeframe.

Financial Support: Go to the eServices CadetInvest Module to apply for Cadet Lift and/or Take-Off Program Cadet (TOP), needs-based financial assistance, and for flight scholarships. These programs are designed to offset costs associated with attending some NCSAs, as well as flight academies. They include payment of your activity fees and transportation to and from the activity. Go to the CadetInvest pages for more details. Deadline to apply for scholarships and financial assistance is 31 December. Being offered financial assistance is not a guarantee of acceptance into an activity. You must compete for and receive a slot at an activity. You will be notified if you are a recipient of financial aid/scholarship before you are required to accept or decline a slot at an activity.  

Contact for Activity:
Activity Website (if applicable): N/A
How to Apply:

Use the "Apply Online" link here or on the homepage to connect you to eServices' Registration and Payment System. Applicants will need to complete the application and upload the following documents in PDF format to the supplemental tab of their eServices application. All staff also must apply via eServices, or they will not receive credit for the activity in their records. For staff applicants, you will be contacted to let you know whether or not you have been selected. Applications will be accepted from 15 October to 20 November. To be considered for priority placement status, the completed application including supplemental documents must be submitted by 20 November. Applications submitted after 20 November are accepted but considered "late" and will be placed AFTER all applications submitted before the deadline. Priority timelines do not apply to staff applications. 


Please use the tab titled "Supplemental" to upload the following documents to your Civic Leadership eServices application. If you apply to more than one activity requiring supplemental documents, be sure to include the activity name somewhere on the document. You will need to combine all supplements of a one category into one file before uploading. The system only retains the latest upload in each document area. For example, all resumes must be combined into a single file.  All letters of recommendation should be combined into one file.  All supplemental documents should be combined into one file.

1.  A resume of your achievement in CAP, school, and community service (1 page only)  (Resumes will be graded by the resume standards set in Chapter 8 of Learn to Lead Volume 2.)
2.  A Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or leader (other than a parent)
3.  A 400 – 600 word essay on the topic listed below. (Essays will be graded by the essay standards set in Chapter 8 of Learn to Lead Volume 2.

Essay topics: Select one of the notable supreme court cases from recent years listed below. In your essay please summarize the facts of the case, explain how the court ruled, give your reaction, and explain why you feel as you do.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 
Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores
Obergefell v. Hodges
Riley v. California 

Staff: A resume

Eligibility Requirements:


Possess the Mitchell at the time of application
Minimum age of 16 by start of activity
Be in Physical Fitness category I. *
* Cadets will walk up to 3 - 5 miles each day.


Cadets: N/A

Senior Members: 
Preference is for staff members to have experience in government/civil service, political process, or law
Prior attendance at CAP's Legislative Day is a plus
Able to walk up to 3 - 5 miles each day

Graduation Requirements:

Complete all online assignments prior to arrival (assignments begin 6 weeks prior to course start)
Actively participate in 80% of the contact hours and not dismissed early for behavior
Activity Director determines course objectives met


If activity is in-person, activity staff will provide transportation to and from pickup from/drop-off at Reagan National Airport (DCA) or Union Station (bus or train), Washington, DC (Not Dulles IAD or Baltimore BWI)

Participants arrive between 1200 and 2000 on 12 Feb and depart between 0700 and 1200 on 19 Feb

Staff arrives between 1500 and 2000 on 11 Feb and departs no earlier than 1200 on 19 Feb

Required Staff Training on 11 Feb at 2000

Activity Goal:

The goal of Civic Leadership Academy is to foster cadet officers’ civic growth by increasing their: (1) leadership skills; (2) sense of civic responsibility; and (3) overall interest in the democratic process.

If you’re interested in politics and careers in public service, CAP’s Civic Leadership Academy, an exciting 1-week program in Washington, DC, is for you.  Cadets participate in behind-the scenes tours and briefings at the Capitol, Supreme Court, State Department, Pentagon, CIA, Arlington National Cemetery, and more. This is not your average field trip to Washington. CLA is an academically-focused activity that includes seminars, readings, and group projects. The week culminates with Legislative Day, when cadets meet with their elected leaders on Capitol Hill.

Academic Recognition

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has placed the Civic Leadership Academy on their NASSP List of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students for 2020-21.


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