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Your selection in the Cadet Officer School class of 2022 has identified you as demonstrating the qualities of leadership Civil Air Patrol needs to ensure the organization’s success in the future. By attending and completing the school, you join a group of distinguished graduates of the premier leadership laboratory of the Cadet Program. We trust the school will be a significant highlight of your experience as a cadet. 

The start of your COS leadership journey will formally begin when you join your fellow cadets from across the nation at Maxwell Air Force Base. While at the school, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about CAP, the Air Force, airpower history, leadership, teamwork, and, most of all, yourself. Prepare yourself to be challenged by your flight instructors, guest lecturers, and peers to be the best you can be.

Please download and read the 2022 COS Student Handbook. This handbook includes your pre-arrival essay due June 3 (see page 30) and the suggested packing list (see the appendix). You are responsible for understanding the “Rules Of Engagement” described in this handbook. Please bring this handbook with you to COS, either electronic or printed, as you will refer back to it often. The handbook is subject to change. We will announce any changes at the start of the school. 

Things that you need to know

1. Payments

Please go to eServices > Registration and Payment System to find your invoice for the COS activity fee. Please follow the payment or refund directions found on the site.

2. Travel

You should make your travel arrangements and plan to arrive in Montgomery, Alabama, on 07 June and depart on 19 June. We cannot accommodate earlier arrival dates or later departure dates. You cannot leave early.

Flying – Fly to the Montgomery International Airport (MGM). We provide pick-up services only from this airport. If you opt to fly to other airports, you must secure transportation to our staging area (see the lodging and masking update).

Bus – Use Montgomery, Alabama, as your destination. We provide pick-up services only from the Montgomery station. If you opt for other bus destinations, you must secure transportation to our staging area (see the lodging and masking update).

Train – The closest Amtrak Station is in Birmingham, AL, served by the Crescent. The station is 1½ hours away (90 miles). We do not provide pick-up services outside of Montgomery, AL. You are responsible for securing transportation to our staging area (see the lodging and masking update).

Driving – Please drive to our staging area (see the lodging and masking update). Cadets are not permitted to use their vehicles during COS.

Once you know your travel plans, please complete the COS Travel Itinerary Page.

3. Required documents

Please complete the Base Access Requirement by May 24. Details are in the Related Documents section on the right.

Please complete these mandatory tasks and upload them to the COS Dropbox folder:

Download your online CAP Form 60-81 from eServices. Print and sign the last page. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian’s signature is also required. Without the signed last page, you may be ineligible to participate in key events at COS.

Download the appropriate Hold Harmless Agreement from this site. Use the age you will be at the start of the activity on 7 June. Follow the instructions on the form and secure the appropriate signatures. You will not participate in Project X or the volleyball program without the signed document.

4. The entire COS Staff looks forward to sharing this challenging learning experience with you in person! You can contact us at

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