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IACE Participant

Welcome, 2023 Participants of IACE! 

We will be using AXIS in eServices for assignments and the required documents.  


1. Facebook: There is a Facebook group for IACE, for your use. There are International Air Cadet Exchange alumni group pages as well. DO NOT CREATE ANY OTHER FACEBOOK PAGES FOR IACE.

2.  Lady gray pants:  Aramark offers lady gray pants comply with the requirements in CAPM 39-1.  You can get these from any source that you find. 

3.  Passport Photo:  The passport photo that you send will need to be cut to the specific lengths required by the State Department.  Write your name on the back of the photo with a felt marker (Sharpie) and allow to dry. DO NOT USE A BALL-POINT PEN! It will leave marks on the photo.  The photo should be protected, preferably with a zip lock bag, but you can also use the photo sleeve that most labs give you.  Do not staple or paper clip the photo.  The photo that you submit does not have to be the same photo as your passport but must have been taken within the past 6 months. You also need to send an electronic copy (jpeg format only) of your official photo to the Dropbox link. labeled YYYY IACE Submittals. Size of photo must be 2x2 inches, head must be between 1-1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head, head must face the camera directly with full face in view, background to be plain white or off-white. You must name the file as ‘last name-country going to-passport photo,' example: Smith-UK-Passport photo.

4.  Forms:  All forms, except for the Consent Form, need to be typed.  You will also need to send an electronic copy of all your forms to the Dropbox link labeled YYYY IACE Submittals  If you cannot access the link you may mail in the forms (IACEA Form, Consent Form, Certification Form, copy of Passport photo page and Insurance Card (front and back)). (See the "Mail in Sample" on the left for an example of what is to be mailed in.)  Do not use the certified mail service or Express Mail from the Post Office.  You must name each file as such ‘last name-country going to-Form name,' example: Smith-UK-Insurance Card. Address for mailing will provided in your acceptance email. 

5.  Photocopies:  If you choose to mail in your copies of the passport and health insurance information, do not cut the paper to size. (See the Samples of Passport/Health Copies for an example of what is to be sent in.  You may copy the documents separately and submit them separately.)

6.  Things NOT to pack in your luggage:  The TSA has an important job on their hands, and they've seen it all.  Remember to only pack what you need. 

7.  Baggage Fees:  You are responsible for any baggage fees during the trip.  Though most airlines allow one bag for international travel (up to 50lbs), not all airlines will count your travel to the hub city as a part of an international trip.

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