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International Air Cadet Exchange

Activity Directors Help Page
Application Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions
Make Your Activity a Cadet Special Activity (CSA)

Cadet (Not Staff) End of Activity Survey 2023 -- Use this link to access the survey. All cadet participants not on staff, please take this survey to help us improve support for activities.

Staff End of Activity Survey 2023 -- Use this link to access the survey. All staff--seniors, cadets, and military members--please take our survey to help improve quality of our activities.

SmugMug --Check out our photo repository to see cadets and senior members in action.


This site lists Civil Air Patrol's upcoming Cadet Special Activities (CSAs). It includes national activities and those wing and region activities approved to receive the CSA ribbon. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills. Typically, advertisements for activities we plan to offer in Winter are posted here by mid-October, and spring/summer activities are posted by mid-December. A list of past activities is under the "Helpful Links" section of this web page under the title "eServices Event/Activity Preference Numbers."

NCSA Registration Status Updates

Please note activities that appear as "not scheduled" on, don’t have confirmed dates, but we are working to host the activity unless noted that the activity has cancelled. Encampment requirement is removed for some activities.  Look at the activity ad page to see if it is required.  EServices Registration & Payment System is OPEN for Spring/Summer activity applications. Applications submitted in eServices through 14 Oct for Christmas Break, 20 Nov for winter, and 15 Jan for spring/summer are considered "On-Time" and are given priority placement into "primary" status. Use this "Apply Online" link to access the application site on eServices. Notifications of Christmas Break placements go out by 21 Oct, and winter placements go out by mid to late December. Spring placements are as outlined on their advertisements on this site. Notifications for summer applicants will go out on or about 1 March and as activities fill vacancies after 1 March. Those cadets who remain on alternate lists may be contacted at any time to fill a slot.

Use the following course numbers to verify you are selecting the correct activity in the eServices “Preferences” tab of your application.  Activities appear alphabetically, but will have the course number next to them in the tab. You can download a sortable spreadsheet on the homepage for a complete listing of activity preference numbers. If you can't see the course number on your device, try changing the zoom on the page.

eServices Short Name Cadet Participant Course # Staff Participant Course # Activity Full Name
International Air Cadet Exchange 208 391 International Air Cadet Exchange
International Air Cadet Exchange 210 391 International Air Cadet Exchange

Financial Support: Go to the eServices CadetInvest Module and apply for Cadet Lift and Take-Off Program Cadet (TOP), to be considered for needs-based financial assistance or NCSA scholarships.  Also apply for flight scholarships. These programs are designed to offset costs associated with attending some NCSAs, as well as flight academies. They include payment of your activity fees and transportation to and from the activity.  Go to the CadetInvest pages for more details. Deadline to apply for scholarships and financial assistance is 31 December. Being offered financial assistance is not a guarantee of acceptance into an activity. You must compete for and receive a slot at an activity. You will be notified if you are a recipient of financial aid/scholarship before you are required to accept or decline a slot at an activity.  

The most outstanding cadet applicants, as judged by IACE faculty, will be selected to attend and announced via email no later than 1 March. Document and payment due dates are in the Ambassador's Guide.  Please note the timelines for IACE are different than those posted on the "Instructions" page of Participants will pay two fees, one for $1,200 for the activity fee and another one of about $200 for uniforms.

Selectees/participants use this link for pre-course work, forms, and additional information. (Link may not be available until after selectees are announced.)

Contact for Activity:
Activity Website (if applicable):
How to Apply:

Use the "Apply Online" link here or on the homepage to connect you to eServices' Registration and Payment System. Applicants will need to complete the application and upload the following documents in PDF format to the supplemental tab of their eServices application. All staff also must apply via eServices, or they will not receive credit for the activity in their records. For staff applicants, you will be contacted to let you know whether you have been selected. Applications will be accepted from 1 December to the date the activity starts. To be considered for priority placement status, the completed application including supplemental documents must be submitted by 15 January. Applications submitted after 15 January are accepted but are marked "late" and will be considered AFTER all applications submitted before the deadline. Priority timelines do not apply to staff applications. In addition accomplish the following:


Cadets: Please use the tab titled "Supplemental" to upload the following documents to your eServices application. If you apply to more than one activity requiring supplemental documents, be sure to include the activity name somewhere on the document. You will need to combine all supplements of a one category into one file before uploading. The system only retains the latest upload in each document area. For example, all resumes must be combined into a single file.  All letters of recommendation should be combined into one file.  All supplemental documents should be combined into one file.

1)Upload a PDF version of your Resume to "Supplemental" Tab in eServices application

2)Upload a PDF version of your Letter of Recommendation to "Supplemental" Tab in eServices application

3)Upload a PDF version of your Cadet Ambassador Supplemental Questionnaire to the "Supplemental" Tab in eServices application

NOTE: If you have difficulty viewing PDFs when using Google Chrome, use these instructions.


1)Upload a PDF version of your Escort Supplemental Questionnaire to the "Supplemental" Tab in eServices application

NOTE: If you have difficulty viewing PDFs when using Google Chrome, use these instructions

Staff: Send resume to  

Eligibility Requirements:

Note: Cadets enrolled in Cadet Wings are not eligible for national activities until they complete the program or are disenrolled.



Possess the Earhart at the time of application
Completed Encampment and recorded in eServices at time of application
At least 17 years old by start of activity 10 July 2023
Not 21 years old by 29 July 2023
Have not previously attended IACE
Hold, or be eligible to apply for a US Passport*
Be able to undertake all of the activities of a cadet ambassador **


At least 25 years old by 10 July 2023
Have earned at least a senior rating in the Cadet Programs Specialty Track
Have not attended IACE as an escort or cadet in the previous five years
Hold, or be eligible to apply for a US Passport*
Be able to undertake all of the activities of an escort ambassador **

* It may be difficult to get your passport in time to meet the IACE deadline. If you are serious about applying, you might want to get your passport during your winter break. Passports are good for 10 years, if you are 17 or older.  See the Ambassador’s Guide for information on how to apply for a passport.  Contact if you hold dual passports or are a resident alien with a foreign passport.

** Participants will walk up to 5 - 7 miles a day and be expected to participate in white-water rafting and other high-adventure activities.


Cadets: TBD

Senior Members: Preference given to those with previous IACE Exchange participation, who have run hotel-based cadet activities, or worked on staff of an IACE host wing/region.

Graduation Requirements:

Complete pre-work as directed
Actively participate in 80% of the contact hours and not dismissed early for behavior
Activity Director determines course objectives met


Activity Staff will purchase your ticket from local airport to east or west coast rallying point and then overseas and return to home.

Required Staff Training at or before the start of the DC and West Coast Phase of travel.

Activity Goal:

Each summer, hundreds of cadets from eighteen nations come together to broaden their understanding of aviation and foreign cultures through the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE).

Civil Air Patrol has been the United States representative to the Exchange for more than 70 years. CAP cadets selected for the Exchange have a reputation as being the best of the best; possessing great integrity and leadership ability; a keen interest in aviation and foreign culture; and the desire to share their experiences with their fellow cadets, family, and community.

Selection to the International Air Cadet Exchange makes a cadet one of CAP’s, and America’s ambassadors to the world. Would you care to take up the challenge?

The International Air Cadet Exchange is a life-shaping experience. You will meet people from around the world who share the Exchange’s goal of promoting goodwill and fellowship through the common interest of aviation. You will receive special access to factories, airports, engineering laboratories, and government agencies; learning about how your host country contributes to the aviation community.

One day you may find yourself in the latest fighter simulator, the next day meeting high government officials at an official banquet, and hiking through pristine wilderness on yet another day. You will be joined not only by your fellow CAP cadets assigned to the country, but also by aviation cadets from a variety of countries representing five continents.

Visit the IACE Association web site at this link for last year's schedules for each country.

Country Specific Dates:

Australia and New Zealand--Depart from San Fransisco on 10 July and return 27 July.

Canada and United Kingdom--Depart from Washington DC on 11 July and return on 27 July.

Destinations and Available Slots
Country Cadet Slots Escort Slots Notes
Australia  6 1  
Canada 10 2  
New Zealand  2 1 *Vaccination requirements below
United Kingdom 12 2 Cadets must be 18 to attend


All participants are required to provide proof of valid health insurance policy for international travel and a valid travel insurance policy. These policies are at the participant's expense. More information will be provided to those accepted to the Exchange.

A Visa or Electronic Transfer Authorization may be required to enter these countries. The cost is also an additional expense for the participant.

All participants will be required to follow the current host government COVID-19 requirements at the time of travel. There can be no waivers to host country COVID-19 requirements.

* New Zealand will require participants to be fully vaccinated and at least double boosted with documentation. This is their military requirement at present. RAT testing is a moving target, but to safeguard the program, they currently require a negative RAT no longer than 24 hours pre departure with proof of results. Proof could be a photo on mobile device with a watch next to it showing date and time. They are likely to test all participants on the first day in New Zealand, too, as it is easier to isolate people than to lock down an entire tour group. Requirements may change with the passage of time, but they go with what is in place at the present.

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