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Other Special Opportunities for Cadets

Cadet Honor Academy

The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. Cadet Honor Academies are hosted by Regions and may be conducted as a "weekend" activity.


College Options Foundation – Academic Bowl

Hugely popular with JROTC, the College Options Foundation’s Academic Bowl is now open to Civil Air Patrol. The program promotes academic excellence in traditional high school subjects, offers SAT/ACT test preparation, helps prepare cadets for college, and provides information and counseling on the college admissions and financial aid processes. The academic bowl is a competition, with semi-finalists earning the opportunity to travel to Washington DC for the competition finals. Homeschool cadets may be especially interested due to their lack of access to traditional high school guidance offices.


Red Ribbon Leadership Academy

The Red Ribbon Leadership Academy places high school aged cadet NCOs and officers in front of middle school students (non-cadets) to serve as role models and leadership educators during a 3-hour workshop. The "red ribbon" symbolizes the Academy's role in promoting the drug-free ethic. RRLA is a great opportunity for cadets to hone their leadership skills and for the squadron to increase its visibility in the community and do some recruiting.


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