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Cadet Honor Academy

The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. Cadet Honor Academies are hosted by Regions and may be conducted as a "weekend" activity.



Program Guide

Interim Guidance, January 2013



Resource Library

Some of the resources below are formal lesson plans, others are simply great source documents that can serve as a jumping-off point for a cadet who will instruct in that content area. Instructors are welcome to use their own materials, too.


Academic Foundations

A1 - History & Evolution of the US Flag
"The American Flag Deconstructed"  (introductory video, 2 min)
"Our Flag"

A2 - Flag Protocol & Critical Perspectives
American Legion "Flag Myths"
American Legion "Let's Be Right on Flag Etiquette"
"'God for Harry!...The Evolution of the Sacred Flag..." (section on "Civil Religion"), by Dr. Ron Hassner

A3 - The Challenge of Honor
"Sentinel's Creed" and other poetic expressions
"Base Honor Guard Charge"  see section 15.9
"Honor Guard Creed"   see p.4
"What is an Honor Guard?"  see chapter 2

A4 - DDR Ambassadorship
DDR-X activity guide

A5 - Texas vs. Johnson
Landmarks: Historic US Supreme Court Decisions  Lesson 15

Basic Drill Competency

Cadet Drill Guide, drill training sequence, pp. 5-6

Advanced Uniform, Dress, and Appearance

U1 - Uniform Clinic

Color Guard Ceremonial Training

C1 - Color Guard Formations
C2 - Manual of Arms
C3 - Drill With Colors

C4 - Wheels & Abouts With Colors
C5 - Outdoor Presentations of the Colors

C6 - Indoor Presentations of the Colors

USAF Drill & Ceremonies Manual- AFMAN 36-2203, November 2013

USAF Honor Guard Manual- October 2018

USAF Honor Guard Manual/Training Guide- September 2016

CAP Drill & Ceremonies- CAPP 60-20, August 2016

Honor Guard Ceremonial Training

H1 - Cordon, door sentry, usher, and personal escort duties
CAP Unit Honor Guard Program  see chapter 11

H2 - Flag bearer and master of ceremonies duties for Changes of Command
Guide to CAP Protocol, see attachment 4

H3 - Wreath-Laying Ceremonies
CAP Unit Honor Guard Program see chapter 12

H4 - POW/MIA Table Ceremonies & POW/MIA Historical Perspectives
Air Force Association POW/MIA Table Ceremony  
Courage Under Fire, (experiences of a POW - figher pilot - philosopher) by VAdm James Bond Stockdale

H5 - Funerals & Casket Handling
It is recommended that cadets NOT receive training in this area

How to Establish a Squadron Program

P1 - Opportunities for color guards and honor guards in the local community
"CAP Unit Honor Guard Program"  see chapter 4

P2 - Equipment: Needs and Wants

P3 - Introduction to the Wreaths Across America Program
CAP WAA Homepage

P4 - Competitive Teams
"National Cadet Competition Program Guide"

Honor Training for Social Life

S1 - Formal Introductions
"Respect on Display"

S2 - Making Toasts

S3 - Job Interview & Meeting Etiquette

S4 - Formal Dining Etiquette

S5 - Formal Dancing Etiquette

S6 - The Lost Art of Thank-You Notes
"Respect on Display"

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