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National Character Day

National Character Day

National Character Day is a wing-level activity that serves to motivate cadets to take seriously issues of character and honor, while recommitting themselves to the drug-free ethic.

The news is filled with stories on lapses of moral character. Performance enhancing drugs benching sports stars. Grade inflation and cheating at school. Cheating on tests at academies. Embezzlement and creative accounting on Wall Street. National Character Day is an opportunity for CAP to showcase our pro-character and anti-drug messages to cadets. The curriculum offers something for everyone – senior members, cadet officers and NCOs, and brand new cadets alike. Further, it is hoped that National Character Day will motivate cadets to be the leaders of character needed in the Red Ribbon Leadership Academy.

Activity Format  

Cadets come together to hear a character-affirming message from a distinguished guest speaker, and to engage in an exciting, hands-on “Character Challenge” that requires a degree of sobriety, trust, and courage (e.g., climbing wall, indoor skydiving, tethered ballooning, etc.). 

Operational Context

Wings are encouraged to host “National Character Day” activities during the month of September, although the event can be held at any time during the year.

Program Guidance

The Curriculum Guide (see documents at top right of page) offers recipe-like guidance on how wings can develop a National Character Day program.  

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